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Hello I need help writing thrre page and half synthesis essay there is a movie which is “Let it fall” ( you will find it in Netflix and you going to use two written articles

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Let it Fall
Since time immemorial, black people have been subjected to social discrimination and
injustices. Africa American people have continuously faced racial discrimination due to their
skin color. Many are the time when the system has mistreated black men. Black men have
been stereotyped as criminals, thus making it difficult for them to live in a society.
Many White people perceive blacks as criminals. Stereotyping has made many
African American people suffer social injustice, as depicted in the movie, Let it fall. The
documentary is about the mounting of African- American outrage in Los Angeles for over ten
years. The relationship between the African –American community and law enforcement and
court system is strained.
Summary of the Movie
Let it fall is a documentary that focuses on the white supremacy of the Los Angeles
police department. The movie covers the outrage of African –American in a period of 10
years from 1982- 1992. There are several instances recorded in the documentary that shows
the social injustices against the black people due to their skin color.
The first instance is of a 20- year –old black man, James Mincey Jr....

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