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SugarSquared, Inc. manufactures candy in Riyadh -which is a capital city In Saudi Arabia KAS- and distributes its products throughout the KSA. The organization has over 300 employees in three locations. Its functional business units currently work in silos, with data pertaining to their various departments held in separate, legacy systems. The company’s revenues are growing, and it has an online retail site.

You have been tasked with recommending an enterprise system to senior management. Address the following:

1.Which type of enterprise system would you recommend? Why?

Chose one from the following:

-Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

-Supply Chain Management (SCM) Systems

-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

-Enterprise Social Platform (ESP) Systems

2.What are the benefits of implementing such a system?

3.What challenges do you foresee in implementing this system? How would you address these?

4.What are some of the vendors that offer such systems? Is there one that’s preferable given the organization’s needs? Why? What business factors should be addressed in order to make this determination? Explain.

* Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced.


Follow (APA) style

4 to 5 references are enough

4-5 page paper, not including the cover page and reference page

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Running head: PATCH ADAMS


Patch Adams

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Patch Adams is a film about Dr. Hunter Adams, who believes that the medical profession
should embrace more humanistic traits like compassion, joy, and hope to treat patients.
Humanism, as advanced by Maslow, states that people achieve their full potential by moving
from basic needs to seeking self-actualization (Taormina, and Gao, 2013). Dr. Adams aims at
changing the traditional mindset of medicine by using comedy, humor, and compassion to lift
their spirits of patients and give them a new lease of hope. In this paper, I discuss how the film
uses the theme of names to portray the humanistic and anti-humanistic traits of its characters.
The theme of names as an expression of humanistic and anti-huma...

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