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  1. Think about exceptionally good and bad salespeople you have encountered as a shopper. What qualities seem to differentiate them from others?
  2. Recall your recent visits to competing discount stores, supermarkets, department stores, or specialty shops in your area and describe the image you have of each store. What factors account for the image differences? For the poorest image store, design a strategy for upgrading its image.
  3. Discuss the concept of timestyle. Based on your own experiences, how might we segment consumers in terms of their timestyles and how marketers can utilize consumers' timestyles in develop marketing strategies?
  4. Consumers who participate in the sharing economy seem willing to interact with total strangers. Despite safety and privacy concerns, what is the long-term outlook for this change in the way we think about interacting with people whom we don’t know? How can businesses help to diminish worries some people may have about these practices?
  5. Describe how opinion leaders can be formed and found on the Internet. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using opinion leaders on the Web. How would this form of opinion leadership be different from any other form of opinion leadership (if at all)?
  6. List four types of social power, and give an example of each.

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Running head: Consumer behavior discussions

Consumer behavior discussions

Consumer behavior discussions


Question 1
For the good salespeople, they have been good listeners and usually ask customers questions to
identify specific needs for customer satisfaction. They are friendly and always create conducive
environment with the client. They show confidence in what they sell and do follow-ups to know
the reactions of the customer to the product sold.
On the other hand, bad salespeople I have encountered have been rude and don't give the client
time to ask questions and get clarifications. They pretend to be so good for nothing, but the
reality is that they lack trustworthiness. They always push clients to buy products even if they
don’t satisfy the need. Lastly, they mostly focus on the products other than individuals buying
Question 2
Recently, I have been able to visit three competing discount stores. The image for the first sto...

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