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Writing Assignment: After reading “For the Love of Money”, excerpt by Sam Polk, develop a 500-word essay while answering the following questions: Summarize Polk's story. How compelling is Polk’s story? What became the problem in his life? What became a few solutions to the problem? Are you completely satisfied with his solutions? What advice would you give him? Now, read other stories of “life on Wall Street,” such as A brutally honest look at the life of a young investment banker; Also, (you may use Google) to determine how accurate Polk’s story is. You are required to use this source with in-text citations to help prove your points; use MLA style.

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The story of Sam Polk
Sam Polk is famously known for the authorship of the great excerpt entitled “For the Love
of Money.” In the story, he explores his life experiences in the journey to identify his purpose in
life. As the title suggests, Polk struggles in balancing between the love for money and the love for
humanity. The narration exposes Polk's journey to understand his sincere wishes and the exact
position he fits into the world. Although he wanted success, Sam was much passionate about
serving humanity. He begins his narration by revealing how he was unsatisfied with the annual
bonuses amounting to $3.75 million (Polk 6). Despite the various ...

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