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Florida National University Cash Flow Budget Discussion Question

Florida National University

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1-Mention the types of budgets that you know and give examples of then?

2- What is budgeting?

3- What is directed and indirect cost?

4- Give examples of productive and non-productive hours?

5- What does HMO, PPO, POS means?

A) Mention one example of each of then in your city, or state?

6- What is DRGs.?

7- Give some examples of strategies for Cost-conscious nursing practice that your Nursing unit use to lower medical care cost?

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Question 1
The cash flow budget predicts the flow of cash in the business for a specified period. For
example, a construction company may use a cash flow budget to predict if it will have some
project done for the next financial year. The operating budget includes a detailed plan of income
and expenses, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. A company relies on operating budget to
carry its normal operations, for example, the production and labor budgets. A financial budget is
the overall budget for the organization and is typically done every year eg, IKEA's financial
budget reflects its stability. The sales budget provides expected sales revenues ...

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