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 Discuss how managers could best leverage the Federal Register’s Website.What impact administrative agencies have upon the constitutional rights of a person or business. Have agencies usurped powers that they don't lawfully have? 

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From the 1930's on administrative agencies, law, and procedures have virtually remade our government and much of private life. The supreme court has recognized legitimacy of federal agencies to make rules that have the same binding effect as statutes by congress. The federal registers website is managed by the better managers that work for the federal reserve and the government so they must update and leverage the website every week or else their can be issues of communication in the white house and the president. Administrative agencies acts through legislation, treaties, implementing, regulations, and exercise the rights of the authorities and individuals. The procurement for executive branch agencies is governed primarily by the armed services act and the federal property and administrative services act. Agencies have passed certain laws that usually are not fair like for illegal and undocumented workers having the right to work in the US. Without an amnesty the immigration system is a mess right now in America. 

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