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MGT 201 Saudi Electric University Samsung S20 Plus Product Marketing Questions

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College of Administrative and Financial Sciences Assignment 2 Deadline: 3/28/2020 @ 23:59 Course Name: Marketing Management Student’s Name: Course Code: MGT 201 Student’s ID Number: Semester: II CRN:21399 Academic Year: 1440/1441 H For Instructor’s Use only Instructor’s Name:Dr.Noorjahan Sherfudeen Students’ Grade: Marks Obtained/Out Level of Marks: High/Middle/Low of Instructions – PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY • The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder. • Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted. • Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page. • Students must mention question number clearly in their answer. • Late submission will NOT be accepted. • Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions. • All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism). • Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted. ASSIGNMENT-2 Weightage: 10 marks Learning Outcomes: 1. Ability to carry out objective and scientific analysis of consumers’ needs and wants (Lo 2.3 & 2.6). 2. Ability to collect, evaluate and synthesize consumers data to make objective and informed marketing decisions (Lo 2.7). Assignment No: 2 CRITICAL WRITING Today, there is a great multitude and varieties of new products available in stores and online, from which consumers can choose. Think about the new products you've seen in the past two or three years, then choose a new product from any category. Questions (2×5 = 10 Marks) 1. How would you define the attributes and benefits of the chosen product? 2. Define the core, actual, and augmented product benefits. 3. Briefly describe the steps in the new product development process. 4. Each product will have a life cycle, although its exact shape and length are not known in advance. Explain each step in the PLC. 5. What are the dimensions upon which a company manages its product portfolio? ...
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Products Marketing
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Products Marketing
We will be looking at the Samsung s20 plus as the product. The Samsung s20 plus has been
recently introduced to the market. Some of the benefits of the Samsung s20 are: they have bigger
displays and smaller bodes. The phone has better cameras, there are also bigger batteries which
make charging faster and more comfortable, the phone has a bigger and better memory, and it can
support the 5G network.
Customers need the phone because it has a bigger battery, which enhances faster charging and
durable power to the phone. The phone satisfies the demands of individual people. People who
earn their money through photography need the phone's camera to make their work more quality,
and will not need to carry around a massive camera for biter work. However, the customers will
want the phone as a way to upgrade from the old phones and experience the new s20.
There was analyzation of the software as the first step. Analyzing the performance of the software
is essential for understanding its requirements. Designing helps to build the project and giving the
product a standard. The development comes whe...

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