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This article mainly addresses the discrepancies that often arise in communication when one party is not effectively or actively listening to the other or adequately paying attention. I certainly agree with the assertion that we have become less attentive and overall less capable of effectively communicating and just stopping a minute to listen as a society. The article uses examples that I have often run upon in my own life, and I feel that the article does apply to a large portion of the American population. I particularly thought the later part of the article was insightful, as it discusses how taking the time to listen and being attentive could actually improve one's relationships and business endeavors. I agree that communication is an integral part of our relationships and daily interactions, and I think that if we all take the time to listen and practice more effective communication, then we may have more fruitful relationships and more productive discussions. Of the whole article, the take home message for me was to take a minute to stop and pay attention to what someone has to say. Many times, I am quick to butt in and share my views, but I realize this may not be the most healthy way to communicate. In the future, I will plan to wait for others to finish what they have to say and I will try to use the strategy of paraphrasing the words of the person I am talking to, to emphasize that I am listening to them. I think these changes will profoundly improve my communication skills and I think they can do the same for others as well.

Overall, the sentiments presented in this article are quite generalized, but they do hold true for an increasing portion of Americans. I think the majority of the info, is info we have become accustomed to hearing, but have continued to ignore. I think that the advice provided is quite useful however. My only qualms about the article was its shortness, and I think it could have benefited by discussing the reasons behind the lack of communication and attentiveness in America. I think as a society, we have become increasingly fixated with technology. As we have become more "plugged in" so to speak, we have seemingly become unhinged from reality. It is a commonly heard statistic that modern individuals appear to have shortening attention spans, and it is clear that the social and technological culture we live in today is to blame.

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