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Select one form of SPECIATION and share your rendition of this process of speciation.  You can upload a drawing you have made or you can list the steps that occur.  Once again mutation which provides variation is at the heart of the process.  Mutation is the engine that runs evolutionary change. IF VARIATION IS NOT PRESENT IN THE ORIGINAL POPULATION THERE IS NO VARIETY AVAILABLE TO ADAPT TO THE NEW ENVIRONMENT AFTER THE CHANGE IN THE HABITAT OCCURS . IF YOU SAY THAT THE CHANGE IN THE ENVIRONMENT MAKES A MUTATION HAPPEN YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT - BECAUSE THIS IS NOT CORRECT.  MUTATIONS OCCUR RANDOMLY - NOT ON DEMAND




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Allopatric Speciation

In my picture there is one larger
island and a small island next to it.
There is a species of birds on the
large island represented by the
black and yellow v’s.
Every year the species of birds on
the island migrates to the mainland,
and eventually back again.
However, one year, some of the
birds get blown off the regular
course and end up stuck on the
smaller island pictured, which is

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