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From the real international market, select a company of your choice wishing to start its activities in Saudi Arabia. The Company hired you as Marketing Manager of Saudi Arabian Region.

You have to establish a marketing department starting from the Analysis of the market, formulate overall marketing goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics within the context of an organization's business, mission, and goals designing and planning the entire function.

1. Introduction, Goals and Objectives**

2. Environmental Analysis**

3. Target Market Analysis**

4. SWOT Analysis**

5. Marketing Mix (4 P’s ) Analysis**

Details for each point are included in the attachments**

Instructions : Follow the instructions in the attached files carefully

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  • The answer must be at least 1000 words
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The Saudi Telecom company forms part of the telecommunication companies in Saudi
Arabia. It provides services like video streaming, prepaid and post-paid services of
communication, and card telephone services. It also participates in the provision of the 4G and
3G network coverage. Saudi Telecom company has its headquarters in Riyadh and spreads
across North Africa and countries in the middle east. The company has always thought about
evolution and innovation. Its mission is to create and create richness among individuals in their
personal and professional lives. The vision of the company is to become the leading company in
the digital world-class, provision of innovation platforms, and also enable the transformation of
the digital world, especially in the Mena region (Khatoon, 2017).
❖ Environmental analysis
Saudi Telecom company has many competitors. They include companies that provide the
same products as internet services, mobile services, and many others. These companies are
Amaznet, Integrated Telecom company, Wafai Net, Zain, Cyberia Middle East Internet, Applied
Technologies Company, and Mobily. Zain holds the greatest competitor to Saudi Telecom
Company because its services are still competitive. STC provides up to a city-wide Download
(Mbps) of 26.28 in Riyadh compared to other companies that offer a lower speed. This speed has
enabled the company to remain competitive even in other products due to its outstanding
performance in internet connectivity (Khatoon, 2017).
❖ Target Market analysis
The company has a broad market with most of its customers in the south Asian economic
markets. Malaysia holding company maxis is also a customer to the Saudi Telecom company.
Maxis is expanding tremendously over the past three years, which is a great indicator of high


performance and expansion of STC. The main objective of the mark...

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