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Examine the relationship between advances in technology and the responsibilities of global citizenship. How has technology changed the way in which people pursue knowledge and how they address social concerns? 

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haha well jojo. That is a very good question. The world used to be quite good at communicating, and then technology happened. Well, the thing is technology has made it very much more convenient when it comes to pursing knowledge, as well as finding out about things that are going on in society. 

One kinda negative affect about that though, is that people (not everyone, but like as a humanity) seem to just take everything as granted. Like, google, bing,, yahoo answers, are always there for us, so if you don't want to just know something just because, you would probably never actually learn anything but the basics. What this has done is kinda taken the pursuing out of the equation. Like, when a new phone comes out every week, that can do much better things then the previous one, it can figure out what you're looking for, tell when you aren't looking at it, and there are glasses that you can just look at, and you have all the answers in the palm of your hand. 

That's some scary stuff. Because now we don't actually need to know anything, we don't need to pursue anything, we just need to say what we're looking for, like we're at a drive through, and just wait for technology to do all of the thinking for us. 
This is a really big deal for me, I've written papers about this one topic. But the biggest thing about technology isn't what it's done to people thinking, it's what it's done to people feeling. When every movie has deaths and a porn scene, and every negative event gets sent straight to your notification bar on your phone, when social networking sites are simply full of just negative comments, and videos of people beating up other people, of people dying, advertising everything in more unique ways, selling people their own identities and making them buy new ones, there is a terrible effect. It's a sort of euthanization. The human condition, has become a cliche. Is it the fault of technology? No. It's hard to say whose fault it is, or that it is in fact even anyone's fault.

But humanity has come to a point where our senses are kinda numbed, and all we really have to do is watch, like, repost, share, comment, basically do nothing, as the world we've be]uilt up around us slowly comes falling down. 

Technology isn't a bad thing. But people take advantage of, and misuse everything that has ever been made. The affects it has on people is more often than not, negative. The affect it has on knowledge, is that people don't have to know anything. They just have to know how to google it. It's kind of scary, and change and advancement usually is. But progress is a good thing. It's a good thing. Technology has done lot's of positive things for people, although people have allowed it to do some counter-productive things for them. 

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