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HIPAA (1996) Presentation and Brochure

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I’m trying to learn for my Business Law class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

 Another group project so not that bad.

I need two powerpoint slides (you do not have to do any background) with very detailed speaker notes. 

The project is this:

PowerPoint® presentation that provides tips for security and justice personnel in dealing with confidentiality under the HIPAA (1996) statutes. Include the current legal parameters associated with privacy and confidentiality. You only have to do what's here in bold.

Prepare a HIPAA (1996) brochure for distribution to new personnel to accompany your presentation. Just do the legal parameters part, write an Introduction for the entire brochure, brief description part under HIPAA title, put a good quote in the box that says Very Good Customer, choose a picture that relates to the HIPAA to go there too. HIPAA (1996) Brochure Learning Team B.docx

Consider the ramifications for HIPAA (1996) in relation to interactions between medical personnel and nonmedical security and justice personnel in institutional environments.

Format your presentation and brochure consistent with APA guidelines.

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