Advantages and Disadvantages of Millenials

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Many of you as will be competing on the job market with an entire generation of college graduates: millenials

What advantages do you think you have on these millenials What disadvantages do you have

How does your generation plan to compete against them

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I just turned 36 so I am a generation x'r.  Personally, I have used computers from the time I started kindergarten.  I graduated high school in 1996, while tech was around the entire time I was a child, I graduated high school with a firm grip on technology.  I went directly into the army and stayed in tech with my army career, with what was basically an IT person/Geek Squad type of career, hardware and software.  In my opinion people who made an effort to continue to learn in my generation have no problem keeping up and even surpassing millennials.

The reason I say that is I had the opportunity to watch the age of technology grow from the personal PC to personal hand held devices.  With that said, it is much easier to look at the big picture and inherently know what the next big thing is going to be, while kids who are growing up now only really know there is a lot of technology available and are more interested in their smart phones vs Google Glass.  I think the advantage is seeing real world applications for the new tech that is emerging.  If you look closely a lot of the twenty something CEO millionaires all focus around social and entertainment programs for the most part, while people my age are focused on changing the world with technology and work on longer term projects.  I think that both groups are needed and we work together a lot more than people are willing to admit.  

In all actuality I think it is the baby boomers who did not grow up with technology who are having the hardest time. There are so many of them who have never really used a computer until the last ten years or so while my generation had computers mastered because they were practically in every classroom.  Baby boomers and my parent's generation are now trying to catch up and compete with generation x and millennials but it is like starting a marathon when everyone else is on the last five miles of the race.  What was once dubbed "new fangle technology" are the means of survival for those generations so it can be very depressing for them to see twenty and thirty something year old "kids" in their opinion coming in and taking over and leading the companies while they try to keep up.  

I think if more companies would offer technology classes, like JP Morgan Chase in particular, older generations would not have such a hard time catching up with their counterparts.  In my time working at JP Morgan Chase, classes were offered all time time to help teach employees different technologies like Microsoft Office and more.  I think employee enrichment programs will help to close the gap and boost productivity across the board no matter what generation you speak of.

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