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HI, I included the instruction for the assignment.. its pretty clear. I need a minimum of 6 pages double spaced. The topic is battle royal by Ralph Ellison. Any question please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you

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Final Essay Assignment For your final essay, construct a close-reading-based analysis that advances an interpretive argument regarding one or more works of prose fiction of your choosing. You may write about one of the texts we have looked at this semester, another selection included in An Introduction to Fiction, or a different work that you clear with me. If you choose to analyze more than a single work, make sure that your analysis interlinks these works based on some fundamental point of commonality - i.e. your essay shouldn't read like two or three mini-essays on shorter works that have been awkwardly crammed together. Keep in mind though, that focusing in-depth in the space available to you on a single work will often yield a more incisive, insightful essay than "spreading yourself thin” comparing multiple works. Regardless of how many works you analyze, consider the formal elements of narrative fiction covered in class this semester and draw on the critical terminology we have covered - as appropriate. Also, remember that your interpretive claims need to be grounded in engagement with evidence from the text in question in the form of short quotation or paraphrase. Your essay should draw meaningfully on at least three scholarly sources - that is, these sources should be woven in substantively to your line(s) of argument to advance your interpretation, provide cultural or socio-historical context for your analysis, and/or offer a contrastive analytical take on the text(s) in question. These sources should not be used to throw random quotations into your essay as "garnish," draw on biographical author data that isn't connected substantively to your analysis, or introduce ideas that you don't connect up with in your analysis. You may use peer- reviewed books and articles (in print or from the online databases our library subscribes to), but no webpages-though copies of print articles made available online are acceptable). Please run your proposed topic by me, either via e-mail, after class, or during my office hours, by Monday March 9. Your final draft should be 6-8 pages in length (typed and double-spaced, of course) and should follow either MLA formatting conventions or
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Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison Final Paper
“Battle Royal,” the first chapter of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison is a story told from the
first-person point of view. The story Is enriched with emotional details of what he has
experienced from the past and in the present time. Although most of what the narrator has
presented in the story might be true, it is also essential to understand that from first-person point
of view, most stories are considered to be subjective. In some cases, the narrated memories may
not be factual. This is because the narration is based on the experiences of the narrator alone.
Therefore, readers are forced to view the battle royal from the perspectives of the narrator.
The battle royal is a rite of passage characterized by brutality. Here, the naïve narrator is
thrust into a violent and chaotic world where the society becomes lawless. He states, “no rounds
and no bells at three-minute intervals" (Holland 230). Through participation in the battle royal,
the narrator has been able to learn that life is mainly characterized by struggle and it is from the
struggle that people get to survive. Despite this new unfolding, the narrator still believes in the
philosophy that success to blacks is presented in industry and education. The Battle Royal
introduces the theme of struggle that blacks undergo for a prize that they seem never to achieve.
Even if they achieve it, there must be an unusual struggle and effort put therein. This essay
analyzes the narrative, Battle Royal to help in drawing meaning.

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The Analysis
The battle royal is all a symbolism. Although the story is presented as a cultural rite of
passage, it is evident that there is one community that has to pass through a struggle for them to
survive. The symbolism in the battle royal is characterized by a struggle for social and political
power. Basically, the struggles are characterized by searching equality in gender, class, and race.
These are the three issues that the narrator has to get familiarized to so that he can clearly see his
position in America, a place for the Whites. The main complaint is that blacks are forced to live
in an area that is segregated from others, which according to him, is a denial of some human
rights. The symbolic elements used by the narrator in this scenario include the bras...

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