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GOVT 2306 Research Paper Requirements and Grading

Assignment details:

1. Select a current Texas political issue and briefly describe the issue and what the different viewpoints are. For example, the topic could be legalization of marijuana in Texas. The viewpoints are either for legalization or against it.

2. Research the topic using three professional sources (books, journals, newspapers, magazines, or websites that end in .org, .edu, or .gov)and compare and contrast the different viewpoints and positions on your topic. Fully address the different sides of the issue and demonstrate an understanding of its complexities.

3. Draw a personal conclusion based on your analysis of the issue and present an informed evaluation from the evidence.

4. Your paper will include the body of work and a Works Cited Page (list or resources used).

5. Do not include your name or the instructor’s name on the paper. Submit your paper through Blackboard by the due date as posted in the Course Syllabus. Fyi, the paper will automatically be ran through a program that checks for plagiarism. Plagiarized work will receive a grade of zero (0) with no opportunity for make-up.

Requirements for formatting your paper:

Completed in Microsoft Word

Use MLA (Modern Language Association) Formatting

o Details and helpful information can be found at

12 or 14 inch font

Verdana font

Double spaced

Grading Basics:

The body of the research paper must be a minimum of 1,000 words.

The research paper must be original work from the student and may not be recycled from a different class. In other words, if you’ve already submitted the paper in a different class, ever, you may not use it for this assignment. All information must be properly citedusing in-text citations; place the author (e.g., Brown) or the source name(e.g., U.S. Census Bureau) in parenthesis after paraphrasing their work.

Use 3 separate professional sources.

Information from sources must be paraphrased and not quoted. The resources cited within the body of the work must match the listed resources on the Works Cited page.

For support, please visit

See the Grading Specifics/ Rubric on page 2.

Grading Specifics/ Rubric

First, there must be 1,000 words. Assuming there are 1,000 words, the grade will be 100 points. This grade will be reduced if certain criteria isn’t met. Carefully read and understand all the requirements before submitting your paper.

Late papers = -10 points per day (12:01 a.m. after the due date is late)

Word Count (body of paper) = 1,000 words in Microsoft Word = 100 points

Not counted towards the word count: the header, anything in quotes, words on Works Cited page, irrelevant information (doesn’t pertain to the topic or assignment)

“Match Overview” must be below 25%

Point deductions:

1 point deduction for every 10 words short of 1,000

5 point deduction for every 1% over 25% on the paper’s Match Overview; this percentage will be shown after you upload your paper (note you may upload your paper as many times as you’d like)

10 point deduction if it isn’t submitted in Microsoft Word

10 point deduction if your name or the instructor’s name appears on the paper

3 different professional sources cited correctly

Acceptable sources: nonfiction books, journals, newspapers, magazines, or websites that end in .org, .edu, or .gov.

Not acceptable sources: Wikipedia, Dictionary

Each source must appear twice:

1. Cited within the paper and each cite must be highlighted once (highlight the author’s name or source within the paper)


2. Correctly cited on the Works Cited page at the end of the document

Point deductions:

5 point deduction every time quotations are used; use paraphrasing

For each of the 3 sources:

Not an acceptable source or less than 3 sources = - 20

Not cited within the paper = -10

Cited within the paper and not highlighted = -5

Not cited on the Works Cited/ References page = -10

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Explanation & Answer


Texas Outline

Defining the problem


Supporting argument

Opposing argument


Analysis of the arguments

Works Cited

Texas Outline

Defining the problem


Supporting argument

Opposing argument


Analysis of the arguments

Works Cited

Name 1
Student's name
Professor's name
Course number
Texas Political Issue
A political debate contains two sides, the critics and supporters since it
involves a discussion or argument concerning a matter, topic, or subject. In
Texas, political debates have led to the amendment of the constitution and
the creation of statues that aim at promoting the compliance of set laws.
Statutes help in ensuring compliance since the regulations define
expectations by the state and provide penalties for acts of defiance. An
example of a political issue in Texas that has led to the amendment of laws
and the existence of a debate is marijuana legalization. Marijuana refers to a
psychoactive drug that provides medicinal and recreational benefits.
However, marijuana, also known as cannabis, affects the psychological
abilities of a person, a factor that influences the existence of a conflict
between various parties regarding its legalization. Therefore, the primary
debate involves an argument against its legalization, whereas other people
support its decriminalization.
Legalization is the making of an item or activity that was illegal,
acceptable by law. In 1972, the national commission on marijuana and

Name 2
substance abuse created a document that aimed at influencing the
legalization of cannabis. The primary argument was that the drug posed a
peril to neither public wellbeing nor the user. However, the issue, like the
current one, did not seek full legalization of marijuana use, but instead, it
focused on convincing Congress and the government legislatures to
decriminalize the minimal use of the substance. The report advised on the
creation of alternative ways of dealing with the issue that aimed at deterring
people from using the drug and, at the same time, reducing the...

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