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hello i need help with a reserch argument essay to be writien in 2 days thanks on english composition for school i have all the info i have

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Essay: Argument English Composition : Essay: Argument Lesson 8 Overview If you’re a student of civil engineering, you may be assigned to write reports in favor of particular construction techniques or materials. As a student in health care services, you might have to present your opinion on scheduling, staff organization, or the approach to public relations. If you’re planning on law school, your education will revolve around mastering the art of clearly communicating a point of view. Even if you merely want to write a letter to the editor, you have to know how to present an effective argument. That’s why you need to understand not only how to appraise and criticize an argument, but also create one of your own. Mastering the art of argument is a challenge that’s not only worthwhile, but necessary in today’s world. Additionally, it’s sometimes important to be able to refute someone else’s logic and present effective evidence for your own side. © 2019 Penn Foster Inc. English Composition (v4) : Lesson 8 : Page 1 Exam objectives: • Use prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing to write formal, collegelevel essays • Distinguish between different patterns of development • Apply an appropriate pattern of development to a specific purpose and audience • Write effective thesis statements • Develop paragraphs using topic sentences, adequate detail, supporting evidence, and transitions • Employ responsible research methods to locate appropriate secondary sources • Use American Psychological Association (APA) citation and documentation style to quote, paraphrase, and summarize secondary source material and to reference secondary source material correctly and appropriately • Apply the conventions of standard written American English to produce correct, well-written essays 8.1 Use techniques of drafting, evaluating, and creating a sound written argument Argument READING ASSIGNMENT Argument ( Essay: Argument READING ASSIGNMENT Your project must be submitted as a Word document (.docx, .doc)*. Your project © 2019 Penn Foster Inc. English Composition (v4) : Lesson 8 : Page 2 will be individually graded by your instructor and therefore may take up to five to seven days to grade. Be sure that each of your files contains the following information: Your name Your student ID number The exam number Your email address To submit your graded project, follow these steps: Log in to your student portal. Click on Take Exam next to the lesson you’re working on. Find the exam number for your project at the top of the Project Upload page. Follow the instructions provided to complete your exam. Be sure to keep a backup copy of any files you submit to the school! Argument People argue all the time—over what movie to see, what to have for dinner, whom to vote for. People generally have strong opinions, and many don’t hesitate to express them. Your friend doesn’t want to see the same movie you do because he doesn’t like gory horror. Your partner wants to eat at a restaurant that serves healthy food. Your coworker won’t vote for any candidate who doesn’t support universal healthcare. Your argument essay is an amplified version of those types of arguments you have with family, friends, and coworkers each day. The difference is that you’ll be conducting research and using the information you find to explain a problem and then provide a solution. © 2019 Penn Foster Inc. English Composition (v4) : Lesson 8 : Page 3 The argument essay is 1,600–1,800 words and must incorporate a minimum of four secondary sources. There’s no graded prewriting assignment for your argument essay. Assignment Objectives Use prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing to write a formal, college-level essay. Distinguish among different patterns of development. Apply an appropriate pattern of development to a specific purpose and audience. Write an effective thesis statement. Develop paragraphs using topic sentences, adequate detail, supporting evidence, and transitions. Employ responsible research methods to locate appropriate secondary sources. Quote, paraphrase, and summarize secondary source material correctly and appropriately. Use APA (American Psychological Association) citation and documentation style to reference secondary source material correctly and appropriately. Apply the conventions of standard written American English to produce a correct, well-written essay. Topic Choose one of the following topics. Each topic focuses on a current © 2019 Penn Foster Inc. English Composition (v4) : Lesson 8 : Page 4 problem that many students face. The high cost of college or student loan debt The lack of proper nutrition Low minimum wage You may narrow the focus of your topic as you see fit. Purpose and Audience The purpose of your essay is to identify, define, and analyze the problem, and then provide a solution to address it. You’ll use the thirdperson point of view. Your audience is made up of your fellow Penn Foster classmates. Many will agree with you, while others will disagree. You need to present evidence to support your analysis and solution, and convince your audience through the strength of your argument and the feasibility of your solution, to side with you. Research Requirement You’re required to use a minimum of four secondary sources in your essay. Use the Research Writing and Citation and Documentation webinar, Journal Entry 16, and the Argument Essay Research Worksheet to help start your research and organize your essay. The required secondary sources are At least two articles from Penn Foster’s digital library database, © 2019 Penn Foster Inc. English Composition (v4) : Lesson 8 : Page 5 Gale Academic OneFile Select At least one nonprofit or government organization (online or print). Look for website domains .org, .edu, and .gov. One source that you choose. Remember that all sources, no matter where they come from, should be evaluated for accuracy and validity. You may use more than four sources, but you should avoid using more than six. Borrowing too much from too many sources will overwhelm your voice in your essay and negatively affect your grade. It could also lead to plagiarism. Process 1. Once you’ve chosen your topic, read through the Argument Essay slideshow and watch the Argument Essay Instructions video. You should also complete the Argument Essay Worksheet. This doesn’t need to be turned in, but you should find it helpful. 2. You should develop your thesis statement, choose a method of organization, create an outline or graphic organizer, and begin drafting your essay. As you draft your essay, ensure that you’re incorporating your sources accurately and responsibly. Remember to include the sources you use in your essay in your list of references. You’ll be using APA citation and documentation style to give credit to your sources. 3. Begin with an introduction that gives a broad overview of your topic. © 2019 Penn Foster Inc. English Composition (v4) : Lesson 8 : Page 6 End this introduction with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement must make your argument and name three supporting reasons. These reasons must be named in the same order they’re discussed in the body paragraphs. 4. Each body paragraph must describe one reason, with the exception of the last body paragraph before the conclusion; this paragraph must consider your opposition. 5. End with a conclusion that reinforces your thesis statement and names your three reasons. Rubric Argument Essay Traits of Good Writing Review "Writing a Paper Using Sources" for a complete explanation of the rating you earned for each trait as well as references you can study to improve your writing skills. Skill Skill not Skill Not Realized Developing Emerging Shown Ideas & Content The writer provided a clear thesis statement and had a clear stance on one side of the issue. There is a clear 25 argument provided with appropriate supporting details and evidence. 23 21 19 17 12 0 Organization There is a clear introduction with a thesis, body, and conclusion, with body paragraphs incorporating other patterns of development coherently. 20 18 17 16 14 12 0 Incorporation of Source Material The writer used the correct required sources. The writer used APA format to incorporate secondary source material accurately and responsibly. The writer used signal phrases, parenthetical citation, and provided a list of works cited. 15 13 11 10 8 6 0 © 2019 Penn Foster Inc. English Composition (v4) : Lesson 8 : Page 7 Voice The writer interacts with the assigned audience using appropriate, consistent point of view, tone, and evidence. The writer maintains a clear stance on the topic. 10 9 8 7 6 4 0 Word Choice The writer makes correct verb and word choices, defines any terms that may be unfamiliar, and conveys a clear message. 10 9 8 7 6 4 0 Grammar & Sentences The writer used correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. The essay was free of any typographical errors. 10 9 8 7 6 4 0 Format The writer meets the required length (1,600–1,800 words) and uses a standard font and margins. All of the required header 10 information is present. 9 8 7 6 4 0 © 2019 Penn Foster Inc. English Composition (v4) : Lesson 8 : Page 8
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Minimum Wage
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Most people start with jobs that usually pay less than what they think they deserve from
the kind of work that they do. Kurtzleben (2013). talks about statements and proposals made by
the former President Barrack Obama who proposed that the country should increase the
minimum wage from the current $7.25 to $9 per hour in the whole of the U.S since it could have
a lot of benefits to the country. The proposal for increasing the minimum wage has caused a
national controversy in the U.S. about the benefits and costs of boosting the minimum wage of
the lower class workers in America. According to Kurtzleben, the debate over the federal
mandate for pay levels for the American workers has been there for many decades without an
amicable solution (Kurtzleben, 2013). Some of the benefits of increasing the minimum wage for
the workers. Currently, considering the fact that there is an upcoming presidential election, all
the presidential aspirants are talking about the issue of minimum wage increase since it involves
the voters. While many individuals believe that people are supposed to work full-time and get
above the poverty line, other individuals believe that raising the minimum wage for employees
all over the nation would lead to more harm in the country than good. Several issues surround an
increase in the minimum wage in the U.S. as many people are concerned with how it will affect
the economy. In contrast, the proponents who are for the increase of the minimum wage state
that it will have positive special effects on the rates of employment and assist in the stimulation
of the economy, while others have a fear that it will have an opposite effect. Therefore, in this
context, there is no doubt that increasing the minimum wage leads to positive effects such as
economy growth, growth of businesses, and reduction of poverty for people living below the
poverty line.
According to Hall and Cooper (2012), increasing the minimum wage translates to
boosting the economy of any nation. However, many people are against this because of either


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