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Above is the link to the instructions for the Native American essay. Be sure to read the directions twice and follow these directions very carefully. To complete this essay you must view the documentary "Red Cry" and utilize the course readings from Churchill (Kill the Indian, Save the Man) and Hedges (Days of Theft chapter). This essay worth a total of 150 points.

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SOC 205: Native American Essay (Worth 150 Points) Is The United States Still Committing Genocide Against Native Americans? The task of this essay is to examine the possibility that the United States is currently committing a covert genocide against Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. After viewing the documentary “Red Cry” decide what theoretical perspective you want to utilize to examine this possibility. Once you have selected either Conflict Theory, or Functionalism, your task within the essay will be two-fold. To begin your essay, you must first define “genocide” to thoroughly examine if it is indeed occurring. To accomplish this task, you must examine and describe the definitions of genocide created by Raphael Lemkin during the Geneva Accords after World War II: you will find this information within the Churchill reading “Kill the Indian, Save the Man”. Once you establish the world definition of genocide (which is largely ignored by powerful corporations and the United States Government) you are ready to complete the other task. Utilizing information from the “Red Cry” documentary and the Hedges reading related to the Pine Ridge Reservation (Days of Theft) you need to answer the following question: Whether or not the United States is currently guilty of a continuing genocide of indigenous people in our nation (specifically on the Pine Ridge Reservation)? As you ponder this question be sure you connect the conditions discussed in “Red Cry” and by Hedges to Lemkin’s three types of genocide. Remember, a Conflict Theorist approach will be critical of this situation, while a Functionalist approach will just explain the situation with no judgment. Important Note: This essay must be framed with a major theory from class. Hence, the student must select from Conflict Theory or Functionalism. Once a theory is selected it is vitally important to use “terms” from that theory. If you select Conflict Theory (Marx/Du Bois) or Functionalism (Durkheim, Parsons, Merton) you must provide “four terms” within your essay. Be sure to briefly define terms as they are introduced into your essay. If you use Symbolic Interactionism you will asked to re-write your essay. Your essay should be a minimum of three pages, but no longer than four pages. Your essay should follow proper ASA formatting, which includes a cover page, in-text citations, and a reference page (no abstract is required). Additionally, be sure to include a clear thesis statement near the end of your introduction paragraph that is precise and powerful……(This essay will utilize Conflict Theory to sociologically examine……) These are the course sources that must be cited in your Native American Essay: Hedges Chapter “Days of Theft” related to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. (Three citations) (Hedges Year:page#) and for a paraphrase (Hedges 2012) Red Cry Documentary (Three citations) (Red Cry time) Kill the Indian, Save the Man by Ward Churchill (a total of three citations) (Churchill 2004:page#) or for a paraphrase (Churchill 2004). Remember: if the authors name is used in the sentence the citation must be placed directly after the name. Like this….Hedges (2012:34) states “direct quote here”. For a paraphrase it is Hedges (2012)………. Special Note: No outside sources are required. This means you should have a total of nine in-text citations when this essay is completed. You will be graded with the following rubric: Accurately and appropriately applies sociological theory/terms = 50 points. (four terms worth ten points each) (40 points); the other ten points will relate to proper tone and themes. Includes in-text citations. Utilizes all required sources and provides all nine required in-text citations = 63 points. (nine citations required at seven points each) Includes a clear thesis statement, which includes what main theory is being used in essay (Conflict or Functionalism) = 11 points. A deduction of six points will occur for the following: not utilizing direct language to begin the statement (This essay will….); not stating what theory is being applied; if thesis statement is the first or second sentence of you essay (needs to be placed at the end of the introduction). Special note: cannot earn an “A” on this essay if you do not include this!! Written in academic voice, including spelling errors, punctuation errors, or grammatical errors. No use of the word “I”, and no contractions or slang, and fulfills length requirements = 20 points. Must include ASA reference page = 6 points. See Course Module for Due Date!
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Is the United States Still Committing Genocide Against Native Americans?
For a long time, myths have been passed from generation to generation about Native
Americans, something that has resulted in many people in the United States being misinformed
about indigenous Americans. It is worth noting that the dehumanization of American Indians
happens to be a tradition that started from the founding of the United States. However, it is high
time people start considering the current situation of the American Indian communities. This
essay will utilize Conflict Theory to sociologically examine the possibility that the United States
of America is presently committing a covert genocide against Native Americans.
It is worth noting that the term ‘genocide’ is one of the more profoundly misunderstood
terms as far as the English language is concerned. The term is derived from the Greek word
genos that reflects upon race and tribe, and the Latin word cide that means killing. According to
Lemkin’s description, genocide is more focused on any policy that is embraced with the sole
purpose of bringing about the dissolution as well as ultimate disappearance of a targeted human
group and race, among many others (Churchill 2004). Even though outright physical
extermination happens to be an excellent feature as far as genoc...

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