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I need a term paper in which I have to choose two topics from the books from chapters 8-11. by choosing these topics I need to attach 2 pictures from the real world which are relevant of my topic and please try to take picture anywhere from vancouver canada area. please don't go outside from these areas. I have attached my book picture which you have to use for this assignment. I have attached further requirements for the assignments in the picture please read them and follow them.

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epage - OPMT-1192-0) - Inv x 1 Course Content – POLI-1103-001 x + com/webapps/blackboard/content/listContentjsp?course_id=_75974_1&content_id=_1310514_1&mode=reset Term Paper Follow these steps to complete your term paper assignment this semester. 1. Take two photographs of real-world objects (you cannot take a picture of media unless it is "large" in size like a major billboard in a public square - no photos from the internet, no pictures from your personal collection, no pictures of media on TV or on your computer screen, no book jackets, etc.) that you feel you are interested in sufficiently to analyze from the perspective of a minimum of two and a maximum of four theories/concepts from the course. 2. Write an outline sketching out the connections you see between your photographs and your interpretation of ideas from dass. Work these outlines over a few times to ensure that you present your information in the most logical, natural, and easy-to-follow manner possible. 3. After writing the outline and organizing your ideas, write an introductory paragraph which provides overall organization to your presentation of ideas and which introduces your writing with clear expectations for what the reader will find. Central to this paragraph is a convincing explanation of why you care about what you are writing about and have chosen to photographically depict - indeed, without this your work will not be very successful. 4. Write a concluding paragraph which revisits your introduction and thesis and which emphasizes the significance of your findings and what you've been able to uncover in your practical-theoretical investigations, 5. Read your entire paper aloud to yourself (yes, that's right), and edit for any narrative, rhetorical, and organizational inconsistencies, gaps, and ambiguities so as to ensure your document is readable and is something you are proud to hand in for the course. 6. Your assignment should be no less than 1500 words and no more than 2000 words. Please have the word count generator in your writing software generate and place this number on the bottom of the document prior to conversion into .pdf format. 7. Create a title for your assignment. This can go on the top of the first page, right by your name somewhere. 8. Ensure all your references to the course materials are cited with parenthetical references (name, year, page 5). Since all course materials for this assignment are already provided to you, please focus on your writing, your thoughts, and your brilliance. Do not waste any time fidgeting over formatting and presentation. Do not provide a works cited page, do no create a separate cover page, do not ask me any questions about citation style - that has been answered here. 9. Format your work as a .pdf file and submit it as an attachment in response to this assignment prompt, via blackboard, Assignments will not be accepted via email, via course messages, or via hard copy (please do not print out your work and kill trees). 10. Submit your work by April 1st, 1.1:59pm to ensure full consideration. AR A ENG 10:11 PM 2020-04-08 W € DELL Pgon PgUp Delete Insert PrtScr F12 F10 F11 Introduction to INTERNATIONAL POLITICS Global Challenges and Policy Responses GLENN P. HASTEDT WILLIAM F. FELI
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Running head: THEORIES


Feminism and Economic Structuralism Theories


Feminism and Economic Structuralism Theories

Feminism has nothing to do with the gender of an individual because gender is just a
societal and biological way of defining an individual. A feminist believes that a person,
regardless of their sex or gender, has the right to be empowered and to reach for any dreams that
they pursue. However, society has a way of making women feel like they are less than their male
counterparts (Hastedt & Felice, 2019). A woman has, for decades, been treated as second to man,
at familial structures, societal structures, and most sadly in the economic structures. Most women
in the world have been raised to believe that men are the pacesetters, and the role of women is to
fall back and follow in the steps of men.
Society is continually telling the woman to stand back and wait for their paths to be
beaten, and should they deviate from the paths, they are immediately labeled as rebels. The



feminist movement in the world has, however, stood up to dispute this analogy and push for the
empowerment of women (Hastedt & Felice, 2019). It mainly has a keen interest in the study of
international politics and the role of the woman in politics. The feminist movement disputes two
myths that have been used to strip women of their roles in leadership and empowered positions.
One of the ideas is that "divisions and differences assigned by gender are either god-given or
natural and are therefore out of the realm of political analysis." The second idea is that "gender
has nothing to do with international politics and events." For a feminist to understand the
fallacies presented by these myths, it is important to understand the difference between sex and
The Difference between Sex and Gender
Sex is the biological definition of a human being and is compounded by the genes and the
anatomy of an individual (Hastedt & Felice, 2019). On the other hand, gender is a cultural and
societal concept that has been passed down generations and has been used to define the lives of
human beings. The learning process that is provided by society on gender teaches people about
masculine and feminine traits and the expectations that are placed on both genders (Hastedt &
Felice, 2019). It also has a way of defining what each gender is supposed to do and what is
considered deviation in societal eyes. For instance, in most societies, the man has a superior role,
and the woman falls second in line. It is the rea...

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