I need electrical project done that requires use of comsol multiphysics software


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Attached is my project abstract. I need the final project done./...................

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DESIGN PROJECT EE 404 CAPACATIVE RF-MEMS SHUNT SWITCH DESIGN BENGÜ EKİN GELBAL 18037 OSMAN POLAT 17988 Introduction MEMS or micro technology is fast technology and has great potential to reshape future living standards such as micro electronics technology. By using this technology, it is possible to manufacture micro-circuits or mechanical structures on the same integrated device, reducing the micro system size, and producing devices that provide integration in one piece and at a very low cost. Generally, MEMS technology consists of mechanical elements, sensors, motors and electricalelectronic devices on a common silicon surface. RF MEMS switches is one of these devices. RF MEMS switches are used in many industries such as wireless communication, radar, sensors etc. The reason why RF MEMS Switches are useful is, it has low activation voltage, low insertion loss high isolation and high reliability. The classification of RF MEMS switch is based on contact and circuit configuration. The series which is used for low frequency application and shunt RF mems switch is which is used for high frequency applications relative to circuit configurations. [1] Raytheon presented to the first capacitive shunt switch that upon design of a fixedfixed metal beam in 1996. The capacitive shunt switches have been improved to provide better performance and lower voltage until today. [2] MEMS switches. These parameters are RF power handling, insertion loss, isolation, return loss, actuation voltage, resonant frequency, switching speed and quality factor which are RF extrinsic, RF intrinsic and RF reactive. [3] In this project we are going to design Capacitive Rf-Mems Shunt Design. All types of switch will be designed by using COMSOL Multiphysics program and we will check performance actuation voltage insertion loss and isolation. While checking them, we are going to use different materials. Also, there will be some parameters like length, width, height, thickness of that materials. In addition, some equations will be used and some of them are below; (eq.1) The eq.1 shows that spring – constant equations due to force loading techniques. Figure 1. schematic of proposed RF MEMS shunt switch The operation mechanism of RF MEMS switch would be electromagnetic or electrostatic that is most used technology because of its feature as very low power consumption. The design parameters of switch are used to improve the performances of RF Figure 2. References [1] A.K. Sharma, N. Gupta, (2013) Micro electromechanical System (MEMS) Switches for Radio Frequency Application-A Review [2] V. Poonam, S Singh, Design and Simulation of RF MEMS capacitive type Shunt Switch its Major Applications, IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering (IOSR-JECE), pISSN: 2278-8735. Vol. 4, Issue 5 PP 60-68 (Jan. Feb. 2013), [3] B. Narayanan ,M. Baiju, (2014) Electromagnetic Analysis of RF MEMS switch Figure.3 fabrication process of capative RF MEMS shunt swich ...
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