Sets in Finite Mathematics

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  1. What is a Set?  Give an example
  2. When are two sets equal?  Give an example of two equal sets
  3. What is the empty set?  Give an example

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Final Answer

Set's are just numbers. It is a set of numbers. You use this bracket: {} But it's just a set of numbers.

An example of a set is {1,2,3,4}  That set has 4 numbers.

Two sets are equal if they have the exact same numbers. The numbers don't have to be in the same order, but they must be the same. Example:

{1,2,3,4}  and {3,2,1,4}  These set's are equal. They have the same numbers in them.

An empty set has no numbers in it at all:

{}  Nothing going on there.

But empty set's are subsets of all set's.

Subsets are a different subject. If you need help understanding it, let me know.

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