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The topic I have decided to write my research paper on is The effect of technology on relationships. I chose this topic because I find it interesting and disappointing on how couples can go out together on a date and be on their cellular devices the whole time, or only communicate throughout the day on their phones. I feel as if couples need to be more connected with each other, see each other more to have a healthier relationship. But I know for a fact that couples that are younger, use things like "FaceTime" or social media platforms like "Snapchat", "Instagram" and more to communicate. Some things I want to learn about my topic are, how it has made it easier for couples to communicate, how it makes couples distance from each other, and how it can distract people.

  • MLA Style of Writing
  • Bibliography; that lists 5-7 sources (not to exceed 7)
  • 10-15 pages of prose- (not to include the title page or bibliography)
  • Evidence of acquired familiarity - with both sides of the selected topic
  • Convincing, well-developed argument- of the thesis statement.

Due dates for your research paper are as follows:

April 10: Research Summaries Due (Details to follow.)

May 15: Draft #1 Due (Details to follow.)

June 8: Final Draft Due at 11:59 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS - Submit MS Word version of your paper in Canvas.

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