need to make a powerpoint slides and with using credible sources: if you need to get a login into college library for credible sources, will be provided. thanks.

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{If it isn’t an original thought, then document where it came from. Your instructor will utilize Turnitin software and other information to identify indications of plagiarism.}

For a notable financial statement fraud/auditing failure scandal that has impacted accounting and/or auditing significantly, perform an ethical analysis using the Comprehensive Ethical Decision-Making model presented by Mintz & Morris (2016, 77) or a similar one.

Present a brief discussion on Global Crossing (2002). based upon your analysis and a review of relevant published literature.

The presentation should include what you have learned in this course, focused on implications for accounting professionals. The presentation may include ethical theories, corporate governance and legal requirements, Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, Dodd-Frank requirements, IRS Regulations, IFRS and GAAP specifications, auditing standards, professional responsibilities, whistleblower regulations, internal controls, codes of conduct, etc.

(Use credible sources of information. The use of four or fewer published sources will be considered insufficient support for your assertions. Similarly, the use of fewer than two peer reviewed research articles will be considered insufficient support. That is, five credible sources, at least two of which are “scholarly”, will be considered marginally sufficient. “Discovery @ Tarleton” provides a filter for “scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals”.)

(The final page of your PowerPoint slide deck will be a reference page that lists all sources used in preparing your presentation. All material (including, but not limited to quotations, paraphrasing, and key ideas) should be appropriately cited in the reference listing. Follow APA guidelines for citations. (Points will be deducted for references not in proper APA format.)

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