ITC2016 40072 End-User Data Analysis Tools SEC 01 Spring presentation project

Business Finance

ITC2016 40072 EndUser Data Analysis Tools SEC 01 Spring

Northeastern University

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Requirements for the Final Project and the Presentation of Your Project

As has been mentioned in class your Final Project is a culmination of the end user analysis tools learned in class.

Your Final Project will be to create a professional business presentation. Your presentation will be based on a business or economic issue of your choice.

1. Presentation to be in PowerPoint minimum 13 slides.
2. Presentation should include details from your work from previous written assignments.

3. Presentation should include a title page, a description of your project, results of your data base using Excel or Access, a conclusion, and references.

4. Presentation should use a consistent theme and style.

5. Your final presentation and a sample of your data base must be submitted in Blackboard by Saturday April 18, 2020 at 11:59PM.

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