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Answer the attached discussion question in 5 paragraphs only. See the attached guidelines and a sample answer

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I have 5 videos from different chapters that I have to write a paragraph about. In those paragraphs I have to include 5 BOLDED key vocab words from each chapter/ each paragraph that relate to the videos explaining how the key terms relate to the video case. Chapter 16: Promotion video- Chapter 16 vocab words: Chapter 17: Accounting video Chapter 17 vocab words: Chapter 18: Finance video: Chapter 18 vocab words: Chapter 19: Securites video: Chapter 19 vocab words: Additional Chapter: Personal Finance video: Additional Chapter Vocab Words: Example of paragraph: " Uber, a widely known app that is affiliated with ridesharing has become one of the most convenient transportation in the world. With many drivers located in California, there has been an issue dealing with Uber classifying their drivers as contractors instead of employees. With that being said, the drivers are accounted for their own gas, damages to their car with no earning benefits. As a solution, many drivers have come together to form a union in hopes they have more authority through Collective Bargaining. In the end, the drivers won by a certification that became recognized to those employees who wanted change. Such Grievance has led Uber to come towards a Bargaining Zone where they’re having to make some adjustments to satisfy those needs." ...
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