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1: what does the concept of critical thinking mean to you? why is important for manager and leader ? of what use is it in helping managers engage in continuous learning and self-development ? how can you develop it in yourself and in your subordinates?

2: Define the concept " Management by objectives"? Of what good purpose can it serve? What is the best way to develop objectives? why?

3: What is organizational culture? How important is it fora company to develop a culture? How would the culture impact the company as well as the employees? Analyze one major company to identify its corporate culture.

4:By 2025 millennials will represent an estimated 75 percent of the world's working population. How should organizations manage and motivate millennials?


-The essay questions are not about YOUR opinions - meaning you need to write in third person

-cite your references in APA style will help you achieve the target. A minimum of three sources is required for each question

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