Research paper on business intelligence ( 10-12 pages APA format Paper)


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Research Topic: Business Intelligence.

please read the instruction carefully before write this paper. find an instruction below ...

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Amberton University RGS 6035 – Research Methods Literature Review Project Instructions This will be a research based written project (approximately 10-12 pages total) that will encompass scholarly literature on an approved topic. The project will take the student through the literature review process from beginning to end and allow the student to explore the variety of scholarly writings. The project must include a minimum of 12 scholarly sources from peer-reviewed journals. The project needs to include a title page, body (at least 8 pages) and a reference section listing all sources used. The project should strictly follow APA guidelines and exhibit graduate level critical thinking and writing skills. The following rubric will be used to grade the project: Literature Review Grading Rubric Criteria Structure and Length: • • Introduction, body, and conclusions/recommendations • • At least 8 pages of content • • Utilizes at least 12 scholarly references Content: • • Topic selected is relevant to course • • Clearly discusses subject area with well organized patterns • • Combines both summary and synthesis • • Graduate level writing APA Congruent including: • • Title page and abstract • • Citations • • References page • • Use of 3 current APA headings Total   Points Possible 25 50 25 100 Points Earned Instructor’s Comments ...
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