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I need help with my assignment

there is two files, the first one is the references and the second one the requirement

you can add more references if you would (the total of writing assignment is 7 pages )

Also Different parameters found in the CSR initiatives need pictures for 4 or more please

hope everything clear and thanks for help in advance

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Sadafco company Requirements: Literature review It should include a literature review about: • Business ethics (1page) • Different parameters responsibility(4page) found in the 5 commandments of social 1. Proactive in taking action to correct problems before they impact the company 2. Seek input from all impacted stakeholders in any problem that needs to be addressed 3. Use industry standards as a benchmark and voluntarily internally regulate our corporate behavior 4. Admit to the public when mistakes have taken place 5. Active in supporting community social programs • Critical evaluation to (Business ethics and Different parameters found in the 5 commandments of social responsibility) (with same page in Business ethics and 5 commandments) write it heading evaluate (you will evaluate the all point in CSR and Different parameters found in the 10 commandments of social responsibility give opinion and idea , theriacal how you will see it in practical life) including your understanding • Identify and explain 3 CSR initiatives(2page) 1- Writing Guidelines: Paper size: A4, Line Spacing: 1.5, Margins: 1” (inch) all sides, Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 for text 14 for heading and 13 for subheading. 2- The Harvard Referencing style must be used to support all sources of information. Sadafco company Financial Year 2015-16 Financial Year 2016 Financial Year 2016-17 Financial Year 2014 charity activities (page 162-163) community activities (163-164) SADAFCO & JISH Cooperation agreement ...
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