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Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

Mechanical Engineering

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When submitting your work, include (including model discretization) as Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files used to solve the problems. Make sure your work is well documented and easy to follow. Consider the image of the thin plate below that can be assumed to be in a state of plane stress. The height of the plate (L) is 2 meters, the width (w) is 1 meter and the thickness (t) is 10 centimeters. The bottom of the plate is rigidly fixed to the floor and a ramp load is applied to the left side of the plate while a point load is applied to the right. The maximum loading of the ramp is 2000 N/m at the top of the plate and the point load is 500 N. Model this plate (a) using two frame elements and (b) using two linear quadrilateral elements. For each model, solve for the displacements of the nodes and the stresses in each element. ...
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