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Please note that blog post 3 is the blog post that you are about to write. And it is a continuous blog of the previous two which means the topic must be same.

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Follow the instruction to write 400words blog post
Follow the instruction to write 400words blog post

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ACTIVITY FOR A SOCIAL ISSUE 1 Mengchen Li 6516865 The activity I have chosen and why I have chosen this activity and the quality of introspection The activity that I choose for this discussion is volunteering in a rehab center for recovering addicts. I choose this activity because of the experience that I have had with one of my cousins, who was a recovery from alcoholism, and I got to experience how hard it was for my cousin to recover with no guidance or help. He had always had mood swings where at one moment he was so happy and at the others he was so sad and very difficult to deal with. I remember my aunt complaining and saying that he did not know what else to do in order to help him. Explain why this activity relates to a social issue that is important I choose this activity because of the social issue of drug abuse. I then came to understand how hard it is to deal with the withdraw symptoms and the body is craving what it is used to. The problem of drug abuse has been on the rise in society to the point that it has resulted in some deaths. Alexis 2019, state that people who engage in drug abuse and alcoholism are likely to engage in risky behavior. He goes further to state that they are incarcerated for more crimes than the non-using people. According to a survey conducted National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), about 19.7 million adults are battling a substance use disorder (Thomas, 2020). By volunteering, I will be able to help out in the center with the people that need my help. Throughout the years, I have been able to gain some knowledge that applies to recover addicts as well as talking to the young people so that they do not fall into the trap of alcoholism and drug abuse. One of the things that I learnt from my cousin’s incident is that the recovering addict have to be treated with a lot of care and be well observed. This is because it will make them optimistic to know that someone loves them and cares about them and will be encouraged to be strong. Goals My goal in this activity to assist at least two people who have a drug problem to transition smoothly. I will also aim at teaching young people on the impact of taking drugs and alcohol. My goal will be to attend at least three forums and interact with the people there and share the knowledge that I have. ACTIVITY FOR A SOCIAL ISSUE 2 My plan on achieving these goals To achieve this goal, I will have to show my interest in the rehab center and commitment so that they will alert me anytime that there is an activity that I can participate in. I will dedicate a couple of hours to spend every week in the center. I will also purpose to learn more about the issue and the impact that it has had in society. This will be enhancing my knowledge of the problem and give more confidence. I will also set time to dedicate to the activity so that I can be able to see it through. I will also be able to identify other available resources in the community that can help the individuals once they have been discharged. Reference Alexis, I. (2019). How Does Drug Abuse Affect Society And You?. [online] Addiction Campuses. Available at: [Accessed 24 Feb. 2020]. ACTIVITY FOR A SOCIAL ISSUE 3 Thomas, S. (2020). Addiction Statistics | Drug & Substance Abuse Statistics. [online] American Addiction Centers. Available at: guide/addiction-statistics [Accessed 24 Feb. 2020]. THE QUALITY OF INTROSPECTION 1 The Quality of Introspection STUDENT NAME My progress in assisting members of the society abstain from drug abuse has shown some remarkable improvement since, by now, I have managed to help two individuals reform. My goal is successful since managing to help two individuals quit using drugs and reform their lives. All the strategies that I put in place of ensuring these drug addicts have regained the normal position worked very well.Although these individuals go through a hard time overcoming cravings that they are used to in life, their progress is remarkable since they are in good health condition, and through my help, they have a chance to enjoy life without the influence of drugs. This achievement has impacted my life when I sit down and try to see the fruit of my work, which makes me feel at ease and relaxed. It takes courage and commitment to help someone turn and reform in life. Factors That Led to the Success of This Project Some of the factors that resulted in the success of my goal is a daily encouragement to total abstinence from drug users of the individuals that I was trying to help reform. Every day isolation has helped this individual avoid exposure with other drug users that included staying away from this social situation by participating in sober recreational activities. Besides, I encourage the individual to join and support dry activities of abstinence (Jack Lumen et al., 2019). Through a build-up of excellent coping skills, I ensured that this individual had avoided all the stress of staying away from abusing drugs by maintaining a good relationship with them and encouraging them daily. Similarly, I help the substance user to keep themselves busy by engaging in community activities and avoid conflicts with others. The total support that I provided to this individual enabled them to quit using drugs. I introduced a rehabilitation center to support them in developing excellent THE QUALITY OF INTROSPECTION 2 communication skills and maximize contractive support. As a result, I introduced support of involvement in meaningful structure activities such as community involvement, participation in charitable work (Thomas, 2020). I encouraged them to specialize in talent as a way of keeping safe and free from drug usage. My Future Plan. I'm planning to put more intervention and strategies that will ensure I have helped more people stay away from using drugs. I will provide all the required procedures in place to ensure maximum support to these individuals who go through a lot as a way of abstaining from drug use. I'm planning to create awareness for everyone willing and intending to quit using drugs to make sure he has done it with an immediate effect (Jack Lumen et al.,2019). Creating awareness by providing the impact of drug usage, I will nurture more lives. Similarly, I'm planning to introduce a reward session to anyone who is intending to quit from using drugs and get a reward after abstaining from drugs. I'll make sure that I have introduced free medication and rehabilitation facilities to this individual who has been affected by drug usage. THE QUALITY OF INTROSPECTION 3 Reference Jack Lumen, Kendra Cherry, & Paul White Mahn (2019). Nine Strategies for Families Helping a Loved One in Recovery. n. pag. Print. Thomas, S. (2020). Addiction Statistics | Drug & Substance Abuse Statistics. [Online] American Addiction Centers. Available at: [Accessed 24 Feb. 2020]. ...
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