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In 2019, Police Officer Amber Guyger was convicted of the murder of Botham Jean in a 2017 case in which she entered his apartment and shot him thinking he was an intruder in her own nearby apartment, according to her testimony. Guyger was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. The younger brother of Botham spoke in court after the conviction was read stating that he forgave Guyger and requested that he be allowed to hug her, which he did.

Here is a video news report on it: LINK (Links to an external site.).

Here is a video of Tervor Noah's comment and views on the case: LINK (Links to an external site.).

[1] What is your response to what Brandt Jean, brother of the murdered Botham Jean, did in court? Do you believe forgiving someone who has deeply wronged us is a moral duty or is the act of forgiving something extra that goes above and beyond what is one’s duty? Explain your answer.

[2] What is your response to the analysis and commentary of Trevor Noah on the Guyger case? Based on what Trevor says and based on the NPR Podcast interview with Jemar Tisby, what do you think about the question of "whether the public expects black victims to provide forgiveness to white perpetrators" (NPR Podcast 2019, link (Links to an external site.))?

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Question 1
Forgiveness means that a person is ready for the process of reconciliation. It is generally accepting
wrongs that have been committed, opening your arms to the person who has wronged you as well
as you acknowledge the wrong. It goes deeper than morals to forgive someone. Brandt's decision
to hug and talk about forgiveness towards Guyer raised many emotions in court and social media.
Taking into considerati...

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