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Hello. I need help with these 6 simple questions. Thank you so much I will attach the link. I also need help with two other projects that I will send later on.

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Name:______________________________ Date:_______________ Period:_________ Lesson Notes: Studio Assigned Tue 4-7-20 Due Mon 4-13-20 11:59pm Todays question comes from Me: What is one meal that you can make and you are proud that you can make it? Part 3 Caricatures to the Comics to the modern day Meme… Tell me in your own words and in ONLY one sentence, What is a meme?: What was “Killroy was here” and where and when was it seen? NOW please find and critique a meme that does not contain any profanity nor should it suggest harming anything. Copy and paste a link to the URL address of this meme here: 1.) Answer: Why did you pick this meme? 2.) What do you find interesting about the meme? 3.) What graphical elements were used in creating this meme? 4.) How is this meme LIKE a single panel comic? 5.) How is the meme DIFFERENT from a single panel comic? 6.) OPTIONAL QUESTION: Please tell me another attendance game question  Please create your own 1 single panel comic sketch or 1 meme. (think of using current events as your subject for the meme) Now in the page below paste a photo of your drawing or meme. It must be an original that YOU created. ...
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