CRJ 422 Week 5 Discussion 1



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Week 5 -
Discussion 1 – Assessing Your Program Study

Provide a detailed assessment of your
program of study, correlated to the six learning outcomes in the Social and
Criminal Justice program. Explain, in two to three sentences (at minimum) for
each outcome, how your course of study developed your skills in accomplishing
each of these program learning outcomes:

  1. Analyze
         criminal justice issues within the systems of law enforcement, the
         judiciary, and corrections.

  2. Evaluate
         the application of the social justice principles of equality, solidarity,
         and human rights toward building a just society.

  3. Apply
         knowledge of cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness to social and
         criminal justice.

  4. Deconstruct
         the relationship between law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections.

  5. Interpret
         the relationship between social justice and criminal justice.

  6. Develop
         critical perspectives in the study of social and criminal justice by
         drawing on the fields of criminology, law, philosophy, psychology,
         science, and sociology.

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