How does the ‘Red Scare’ reflect the Cold War in America?

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How does the ‘Red Scare’ reflect the Cold War in America?

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  • the existence of power struggle between j edgar hoover and the central intelligence agency.
  • differing opinions on the nature of the alliance with the Soviet Union, conflicts over jurisdiction, conflicts of personality, the OSS hiring of communists and criminals as agents,

  • When the industrial workers of the world(IWW) backed several labor strikes in 1916 and 1917, the press portrayed them as threats to American society  inspired by "left-wing, foreign agents provocateur." Those on the side of the IWW claimed that the press misrepresented legitimate labor strikes as crimes against the  society, conspiracies against the government," and schemes  to establish communism. the opponents, on the other hand saw these as an extension of the radical, anti-capitalist foundations of the IWW, which contended that all workers should be united as a social class and that capitalist and the wage system should be done away with.

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