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Diversity in the United States


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Your final project for this course will be a Civic Engagement Project that entails choosing a minority group in the United States and addressing the following required project components:

I. Introduction (15 points)

a. Table of Contents

b. Which group have you chosen to research and why?

c. Clarify why this group is considered a minority (reference course definitions/theories and how they specifically apply to this group).

II. Discuss the historical context of this group in the U.S. (30 points)

a. History (Provide a detailed background on the group and the social injustices the group has endured). A timeline is a useful tool to include in this section, but make sure you provide narrative details as well.

b. Highlight at least one historical figure that represents this minority group.

III. Discuss the current status of the group (30 points)

a. Has their status improved?(Provide specific details and reasoning).

b. Explain why (or why not) their status has improved (Discuss the factors that contribute to their current status).

c. Compare/contrast this group’s history and current status (i.e. income, education, occupations, class, and other demographics/indicators of sociology-economic status) with at least one other group in the United States (Does not need to be another minority group).

IV. Research a civic engagement organization that is actively working to improve the status for the group you have chosen. This may be an organization at the local, state, or national level. Note: Begin this process of your project early; do not wait until the last minute as it may take time to connect with a representative. (60 points)

a. Provide a detailed organizational history (Why, when and where founded? By whom was it founded?)

b. You are also required to make contact with a representative from this organization and conduct a brief interview. This can be accomplished via telephone, email, or in person. Determine the following:

1. What is the mission and main activities of the organization?

2. What are the current goals, objectives, and/or obstacles being addressed?

3. What positive outcomes has the organization realized?

4. Describe something you learned about this organization and its efforts that you found interesting, inspiring, and/or rewarding (or perhaps something that was disheartening).

V. Conclusion (15 points)

a. Why do you think it is (or isn’t) important to confront prejudice, discrimination, or exclusion and engage in activities that improve the condition for minorities in the United States?

b. What is one important lesson that you have learned in this course?

c. Works Cited: Include a works cited slide at the end of the presentation. (You must also cite sources within the presentation). In addition to referencing course reading materials, you are also required to utilize AT LEAST TWO other outside academic sources. Be sure to also cite your interview source and the organization’s website if utilized.

Your Civic Engagement Project must be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation. This presentation should include detailed narrative text (make use of the “Notes” section in your slides) in addition to graphs, pictures, music, or video- anything that you want to utilize to present a well-conceived project.

The minimum length for your presentation is 22 slides (including Table of Contents and Works Cited slides).

Film Reflection Essay:

Choose a film or documentary that addresses an issue(s) related to race, ethnicity, gender, or class in the United States. Topics addressed should be related to inequality, discrimination, prejudice, social justice, or other concepts/theories discussed in the course thus far. You may choose a fictional film as long as it is based on relevant concepts. Once you have viewed the film or documentary, write an essay that includes the following:

  1. Summary of the film and its main points (10 points)
  2. How is this film relevant to diversity issues addressed in the course and/or being confronted in the United States today? (20 points)
  3. Reflect on how the film impacted you. What did you learn? Did it change your perceptions? Has it motivated you in any way? (15 points)
  4. The minimum number of pages is two double-spaced, 12 point font. (5 points)
You are welcome to choose any film or documentary as long as it relates to this course.

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