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The second case study is a computerized AIS involving a introduction to Quick Books. This is still the most popular accounting software in the US. You should have your case study and should start after the mid term exam although you can start whenever you wish. Open up chapter one in the Instructions book - also called Book 1 of 3. Follow the instructions carefully in chapter one and you should have QB's set up on your own PC and registered with Intuit and the publisher. After each chapter, starting with chapter 2, you flip to the student cases in book 3 of 3 and answer the questions on that chapter. It is a little like paint with numbers and not a comprehensive case like SUA. You do NOT have to complete chapters nine and ten but are free to do so for your own gratification. When you are complete with chapters 1 thru 8 send me booklet 3 of 3. Good l

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