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Answer the questions in the two IQ tests below and score your tests. Then post a response to these questions:

On which test did you receive more correct answers? Why?

Relate this experience to test bias.

You are not required to respond to other students' posts.

First test: (Links to an external site.)

Second Test: (Links to an external site.)

If the links do not work, here is another link to the first test: (Links to an external site.)

Here are the questions to the second test:

The American/Australian Test of Intelligence

These questions have been taken from a selection of American and Australian intelligence tests.

  1. What number comes next in the following sequence: 1 2 5 6 9 10 _____
  2. How many weeks are in a year? _____
  3. Filthy is to disease as clean is to _____
  4. Three of the following may be classified with pool. What are they?

Lagoon swamp lake marsh pond

  1. Which items may be classified with clock?

Ruler thermometer raingauge tachometer

  1. If BAD is written 214, how would you write DIG in the same secret writing?
  2. If Mary’s aunt is my mother, what relation is Mary’s father to my sister?
  3. Why does the state require people to get a license in order to get married?
  4. What is the thing to do if you find an envelope in the street that is sealed, addressed and has a new stamp?
  5. Why should you keep away from bad company?
    Answers to this test:
    1. 13
    2. 52
    3. Health
    4. lagoon, lake, pond
    5. All of these, they are all measuring devices
    6. 497
    7. Uncle
    8. For social control or avoid bigamy or prevent closely related or underage people from marrying or for statistical purposes
    9. Mail it
    10. Because they may influence your own behavior and get you into trouble.

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