power point about the history of clothes and cultures

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2 slides about

The clothes history and why people start to wear it

From slide 3 to 8

Introduction about Cultures fashion

Old and traditional Saudi costume and the meaning of it

Indian sari costume and the story behind it

African costumes

Europe old costumes

From slide 9 to 14

About the fabric and how every region is using special fabric


The history of the cotton and why they call Egyptian cotton the king of cotton


The history of silk

How they discover it

And why its special


The history of wool

And their types

And why Kashmir is expansive

From 15 to 20

Old fabric printing techniques


Eco printing with Dior video

Uni wax printing

Marble printing with Dior in mens collection with video

From 21 to 25

About corsets and how they change it among the years until Dior created bar jacket

Support it with pictures

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