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Read all instructions in the attached document. I need a 3-4 pages proposal within 36 hours. The instructions for the proposal and everything needed are attached. Note: This is not a student paper for submitting to any university, This is a scientific research that will be published by one of the most reputable journal publishers.

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Scientific Research Order Details. Hello Esteemed Researcher, I am ordering for a Scientific Research under the Topic: Analysis of the Reason Why Government and Local Populations Support Mega Sporting Events. A case of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Kindly understand that the scientific Research will be published in one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world in the area of project management and risk management as areas of specialisation. NOTE: The research should be original and authentic. NO PLAGIARISM Requirements. ➢ First and Foremost, the scientific research should be 20-25 Pages. (In this Case, a page shall be not less than 275 Words. ➢ Before Starting the Research, you will submit a research proposal of 3-4 Pages. The proposal should include the following. 1. Title of research 2. Objectives 3. Research Questions 4. Background 5. Justification of the study. 6. Methodology. Note that this is NOT the order in which they should appear. You can also include anything else you feel it’s important for this research The methodology should: 1. Outline proposed sample group, including any specific criteria 2. Describe how the proposed sample will be formulated 3. The Research Design 4. Source of data and data collection Methods 5. Methods of data analysis 6. Research hypothesis 3. Indicate clearly what the sample group will be involved in 4. Ethical consideration 5. Specify how the consent of subjects will be obtained 6. Indicate any potential risk to subjects and how they will be minimized. I don’t mean that you will have sub-headings for the above elements. Just write brief paragraphs capturing all points above. Once, you have submitted the proposal and it’s approved for research, you will undertake the scientific research as per the guidelines herein. Kindly see the following detailed guidelines for the entire Research. ABSTRACT Please write a summary of the entire project. This should capture the main objective, and the aims of the research, the theoretical and conceptual frameworks of the research, the methodology, hypothesis, data analysis, findings and conclusion as well as recommendations. However, this should be a summary. Chapter 1: Introduction You will provide; ✓ The background and context of the research. ✓ Research Rationale ✓ The aims of the research ✓ Research objectives ✓ Research questions ✓ Significance of the research. Chapter 2: Literature Review Provide an overview of your literature review followed by a detailed literature review based on all the objectives of the study. In other words, each Objective should provide a topic of literature review. Chapter Three: Research Methodology In this chapter, you will be expected to provide the following ✓ The research Design ✓ Sources of Data and Data collection method ✓ Method of Data Analysis ✓ The research Hypothesis ✓ Research models that you employed to attain all the research Objectives ✓ Ethical considerations ✓ Research Limitations. Chapter 4: Analysis, Results and Discussion In this chapter, you will be expected to ✓ First and foremost analyse/measure the internal consistency of the data. ✓ Provide Tables of frequencies ✓ Conduct data test such as T-tests ✓ Undertake a comprehensive analysis of data based on the models that you used to attain the objectives ✓ Finally, provide a critical discussion of the findings Note: Kindly note that the event under research (FIFA 2022 In Qatar) has not taken place. Therefore, secondary data cannot be obtained. However, the anticipated outcomes can be explored using surveys in form of questionnaires to capture the views of respondents on what they anticipate in reference to the research topic. Since questionnaires can be quantified, the proposed research should adopt a quantitative methods. The main method of the quantitative analysis to be applied in the study is an ordinary least squares (OLS) regression analysis. But if you choose to conduct interviews, you will therefore adopt a qualitative approach to analyse the results of the interviews. With the wake of corona Virus, you will be limited to getting participants from Qatar, therefore, you are free to assume and build your own data collection that meets the objectives of the research, However, don’t include this to the limitations of the study. Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations Generally, provide a summary of the research/study, limitations of the study, a concise conclusion as well as relevant recommendations for further scientific research and to relevant stakeholders for policy making. Research summary ➢ Upon completing the scientific research, you will provide a detailed summary of the entire research (4 pages). However, this will be different from the Abstract. Therefore, The 4 pages summary should include the following: a. Research objective and research problem. b. Theoretical/Conceptual framework on which the research is based. c. Research methodology and procedure. d. Conclusions and recommendations. e. Scientific and applied value of the research results in the field of Project Management. f. Creative aspects of the research. g. The addendum in the area of specialization. h. Specialist skills acquired by the researcher. Other Requirements. It is mandatory that you provide a list of tables, Figures and Abbreviations used in the research separately. Also, provide all the appendices that support the scientific research. Fundamentally, provide a list of references used. Both the reference list and in-text citation should be in Chicago format and in alphabetical order as well as with footnotes for in-text citation. Evaluation and Acceptance of your Research Kindly be informed that the scientific research you will provide will be thoroughly evaluated before acceptance for publication. The following evaluation criteria will be helpful in guiding you as you embark on this task. 1. Research objective and research problem: ➢ The researcher should present the objective of the research and study in a way that shows their familiarity with the material presented. ➢ The researcher should demonstrate how they benefited from previous studies related to the subject matter. ➢ You should highlight the results of the area of project management and how they were developed. 2. Scientific value of the research topic: This criterion aims to demonstrate the researcher's ability to write an original scientific research by adhering to the following sub-criteria: ➢ The research should be highly authentic and represent a qualitative addition in the area of specialization. ➢ It should keep pace with contemporary global research trends in the area of specialization. ➢ It should be of high degree of importance in the State of Qatar. 3. Scientific value of the research results: This criterion aims to demonstrate the researcher’s ability to achieve disciplined scientific results characterized by scientific and procedural values that keep up with the global changes, by achieving the following sub-criteria: ➢ The research results should provide a scientific and qualitative addition to the area of project management. ➢ They should contribute to solving the research problem in a clear procedural manner. ➢ The results must achieve a high degree of honesty. They must be possible to use in a variety of sectors within and outside the area of project management. 4. Practical value of research recommendations: This criterion aims at demonstrating the researcher's ability to prepare a research characterized by continuity, credibility and realism by meeting the following sub-criteria: ➢ The research must open the field of scientific research for future research and papers. ➢ The recommendations should achieve a high degree of honesty. They must be possible to use in a variety of sectors within and outside the area of project management. ➢ All recommendations must be achievable. ➢ The research results must be possible to apply in the State of Qatar. 5. Richness of theoretical/conceptual framework of the research: This criterion aims at demonstrating the researcher's ability to enrich the theoretical and conceptual framework of the research by adhering to the following sub-criteria: ➢ The research should be based on reliable scientific sources, directly related to the area of project management and other relevant areas. ➢ The research should indicate the researcher’s awareness of scientific developments in the area of project management and other relevant areas. 6. Appropriateness of research methodology and procedure: This criterion aims at demonstrating the researcher's ability to select the appropriate methodology and procedures by meeting the following sub-criteria. ➢ The researcher should choose a method that is appropriate and well suited to the nature and area of the research. In case you need clarification or want to discuss any element of this order details, do not hesitate to do so before starting the research. I look forward to your services. Best Regards ...
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