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Matlab homework
Matlab homework

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Spring 2020 ENGR102 Dr. Santiago Project 2: Temperature Distribution in a Thin Plate The temperature distribution in a thin metal plate with constant (or isothermal) temperatures on each side can be modeled using a two-dimensional grid, as shown in Figure 1 for a rectangular metal plate. Typically, the number of points in the grid are specified, as are the constant temperatures on the four sides. The temperatures of the interior points are usually initialized to Ti (initial temperature), but they change according to the temperatures around them. Assume that the temperature of an interior point can be computed as the average of the four adjacent temperatures; the points shaded in Figure 1 represent the adjacent temperatures for the point labeled x in the grid. Each time that the temperature of an interior point changes, the temperatures of the adjacent points change. These changes continue until a thermal equilibrium is achieved and all temperatures become constant. T2 L T1 T3 T4 W Figure 1: Temperature grid in a metal plate (example for rectangular shape) The temperature of the grid can be updated according to the following procedure: Use one grid to store the temperatures. Thus, when a point is updated, its new value is used to update the next point. Continue updating the points, moving across the rows until the temperature difference for all updates are less than a user-entered tolerance value. Objective: Write a program to calculate the final temperature distribution of a thin plate. Three different thin plates must be tested using the parameters defined in Table 2. Spring 2020 ENGR102 Dr. Santiago T3 T2 T2 T1 T3 T1 T2 T3 T3 T4 (a) T2 T3 T1 T4 (b) T2 T2 T1 T3 T3 T4 (e) T4 T4 T2 T3 T1 b T4 (c) T2 T1 a c T2 T1 T3 T4 (d) T2 T3 T4 (g) (f) T3 T3 T3 T1 T4 (h) Figure 2. Shape of thin plates to be tested: (a) rectangular, (b) rectangular with two empty spaces in the center, (c) U-shaped (drawings not at scale) Table 1. Dimensions of Thin Plates to be tested Part Number a Shape Rectangular b Rectangular with two empty spaces in center c U shaped d Rectangular with one empty space in center e L shaped f Inverted T shaped g I shaped h I shaped Dimensions (units) LxW 30x50 LxW (outside) 30x50 LxW (each empty space in center) 10x10 LxW,a,b,c 30x50,15,20,10 LxW 30x50 LxW (each empty space in center) 10x30 LxW 30x50, thickness=10 LxW 30x50, thickness=10 LxW 30x50, thickness=10 LxW 30x10 Spring 2020 ENGR102 Dr. Santiago Execute your program for the following parameters (shown in Table 2) Table 2. Parameters to be tested Test T1 T2 T3 1 120F 40F 40F 2 150F 50F 80F 3 200F 50F 50F *Ti represents the initial temperature of the plate T4 40F 50F 50F Ti 0F 0F 0F Tolerance 0.0001 0.0001 0.0001 Your program, a) Must plot the temperature of the plate as it changes from Ti to the final temperature that meets the tolerance value. The program will create 6 different contour plots, three plots per each thin plate. b) Must calculate the maximum internal temperature reached in the plate. The program must display a table with the maximum internal temperature obtained for all 6 cases. Plate TMax Test 1 TMax Test 2 TMax Test 3 1 2 c) For each plate, if its uniform density is defined by the constant ρ=10 (units of mass/volume), use Matlab to find its center of mass. Use an fprintf command to display your final answer. Work in Groups of 4 students per team: Student 1: Shapes (a and e) Student 2: Shapes (b and f) Student 3: Shapes (c and g) Student 4: Shapes (d and h) Deliverables Dates: Deliverable Team Charter/Gantt Chart Grading Scale Homework grade Deadline Tuesday April 7th at midnight Minutes of meeting or link to video Homework grade Sunday April 12 at midnight Instructions One submission per team; Gantt chart must include Task, Start Date, End Date, Duration, Resources (name of student(s) responsible for the task), and Timeline. For the technical report, please split all sections among teammates. One submission per team. Create a folder in google drive and Spring 2020 ENGR102 Individual Matlab Code 40 % of Project 2 Friday April 17 at midnight Minutes of meeting or link to video Technical Report Homework grade REMOVED 35% of Project 2 Monday April 27th at midnight Final Presentation 15% of Project 2 Wednesday April 29th at NOON Individual Evaluations 10% of Project 2 Thursday April 30th at midnight Dr. Santiago label folder as PROJECT2. Provide the link to that folder (make that folder available) Softcopy on ecampus; submit .m file and PUBLISHED file; Must be individually done (it is NOT a group deliverable) Softcopy on ecampus; One submission per team Link to Project2 folder containing the video (save your video in google drive folder for PROJECT2); one submission per team; Oral presentation (it is NOT a poster). Must be individually done *Note: If you are found to be a non-participating member of your group, I reserve the right to make you a group of one at any time. ...
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