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It is important to have a Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan for any organization. Find out if your current or prior organization has/had a disaster recovery plan. For this week’s discussion forum, you are required to discuss the following information:

  • Identify if the textbook’s definition of business continuity and disaster recovery aligns with the organization’s BCDR plan, and then explains how it aligns.
  • What disaster type(s) does the organization’s plan cover and why?
  • Identify a threat or threats that the organization has not incorporated into the BCDR plan.
  • If you had to make any change(s) to the existing BCDR plan in the organization, explain some obstacles that you might encounter as an advocate for disaster planning in your organization. Consider who the various stakeholders are and what objections they are likely to raise.
  • What do you think each (disaster recovery, business continuity) should provide for an organization? Why?
  • Do you see major differences between the two: disaster recovery and business continuity? Do you think the disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan should be in one document or not? Justify your answer.

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