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  • Explain how IT strategy facilitates organizational decisions that are related to the forces that shape the role of IT within an organization (consider domestic and global environments).


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organizational benefits  such as team effectiveness and agility will enable an organizations information flow to take part smoothly with less bureaucracy with juniors and seniors all responsible for a planned success.

with IT cost reduction or efficiency is achieved increasing opportunities for a business to make informed planning decisions in a cost effective manner

systems connecting business with vendors and customers are easily achieved and customer satisfaction is thus enabled via a close link.

the efficiency of the company's spending on technology is economically feasible on IT to reach global market within a narrow scope

Staffing and budgeting are carried out effectively with reasoned decisions.

IT adds value by automating and simplifying workflow for the repetitive manual processes. Analysis of IT support for knowledge management in an organization introducing decision makers to a wide pool of informational resources.

integration of technology-related decisions with the company's strategies and operating plans is found to be more reliable in IT analyzed data.

program is audited at selected milestones to ensure the intended business objectives and benefits are consistently delivered in accordance with the program’s that are intended by the organization.

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