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Website and Blog: Students will design a website and make a blog for themselves. The blog can be on any topic they wish. The idea is that each student leaves this course with something they could show a future employer. The website will:

  • You will create a personal website to display your professional persona. While all elements of your site are expected to function and display correctly in a variety of web browsers, AND BE MOBILE ENABLED.
  • Because you will be allowed to use third-party site-building software, the project will primarily focus on the appropriateness of the website, its design and implementation, the text, font choices, background, effects and graphics and other media it contains, and the overall appeal and effectiveness of the site architecture. You can use free website builders such as:,,, etc. (I like SQUARESPACE.COM)
  • Each site should contain the following major sections:
    • 1. Home page should include:
      • An intro to the site (i.e. what the site is about, it's purpose, etc.) (This should set the tone and personality of the rest of the site)
      • A background image on the first page - other than just a plain color (try to find an interesting one that represents the personality and tone of the site/blog).
      • A link to send your e-mail on the bottom of the first page and any other social media you would like to use or connect with to gain followers across platforms.
    • 2. An About Page. This static page will feature a brief description of the purpose of the site, as well as information about you (as appropriate). It is not necessary for you to divulge personal information about your life, but you should provide a description of yourself as the author of the site, explaining what you hope to share on the site and why visitors should be interested in it. This page should show case your wit and ability to connect with your site's visitors.
      • Include a photo of you or a video of yourself.
      • Biographical information about yourself (no phone numbers) (e.g. where you are from, your interests, why you started this blog or are interested in this topic, etc..)
      • Links to some of your favorite web sites. All links must work.
  • 3. A Portfolio Page. This section of the site should highlight your work... could be projects, class clients, etc. You will have a wide degree of latitude in how you populate this section, which could include anything from your Flickr photo set to your YouTube channel, Vimeo accounts, Snapfish accounts to other projects like a Twitter stream or Tumblr blog. In this section, students must integrate material from at least three outside web services into their sites.
    • Projects page-use all digital media projects from this class as well as other slideshows, power points, movies, audio files, research papers etc.
  • 4. One Additional Section of your own choosing (be creative!). This may be a hobby or career choice page.
    • 5. A Résumé Page. All students should make an appointment with the career center to help you achieve this link. You can get a resume sample at the Lynn Career center.
    • 6. A Blog Page.
      • This page should feature your own writing with FIVE current posts and an effective means of accessing the blog's archive.
      • Each post should be a minimum of 500 words.
      • Each post should include pictures and or video.
      • Each post should be launched on a different day (not all on the same day... as this doesn't build followers).
      • The posts should relate to your overall topic for your blog.
      • I am checking grammar closely as this is a published site.
      • I am grading the quality of writing (as I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to content).
      • I am looking at the quality of your headlines (based on the discussed we had in class) (be sure to review the PowerPoints).
      • I am looking at the quality of your writing. There should be a purpose.
      • I am looking for stories that are newsworthiness, written in AP Style with a actual lead (based on the discussed we had in class) (be sure to review the PowerPoints).
      • I am looking at the quality of hashtags that are trending for the topic (based on the discussed we had in class) (be sure to review the PowerPoints).
      • I am looking at the tone and personality of your writing... show me your wit, be clever, be smart, etc.

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