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  1. Your paper should be no less than 5 pages long, 7 pages maximum (does not include the Cover Page), double spaced, in 11 point font, 1 inch margins (2 points)
  2. Please include a Cover Page that includes (2 points):
  • The title of your proposal
  • Your name
  • The date
  1. You may use up to 1⁄2 page to insert your chosen photograph (2 points).
  2. Choose to focus on EITHER the positive SDOH OR the negative SDOH you studied in Parts 2-5 --> this assignment asks you to look at ONE of the SDOH you have been analyzing, not both.
  3. Think about some action strategies you would use to make the community aware of your SDOH.
  1. For negative SDOH, how can you reduce the harmful effects on individuals and communities?
  2. For positive SDOH, how can you promote or increase the positive effects to individuals and communities?

→ Please address the following questions in your Action Proposal; divide your proposal into the three sections listed below. Label each of the three required sections (i.e. I. “Importance of SDOH & Affected Populations”, “II. Actions”, III. “Global Health Impact, etc”.

Be sure to answer the questions in each section as outlined.

SECTION I. Importance of “SDOH” and Affected Populations

  1. Why is your SDOH important ? (Explain and use at least one supporting statistic - either local or global - cited from a credible source in APA format to justify why this is an important issue) (4 points).
  2. How does your SDOH affect the health of individuals (2 points)?
  3. How does your SDOH affect the health and lives of communities (2 points)?

SECTION II. Recommended Actions

  1. Name and describe in detail at least three actions that can be taken by the City of Chicago to reduce the harmful effects (if you chose a negative SDOH) or increase the positive effects (if you chose a positive SDOH) of your SDOH (6 points)?
    1. Do not simply list three actions --- use at least a few sentences to describe your action in detail
      1. Ie: ‘make more bike lanes’ is not enough; go into detail! Such as: where / which communities should be targeted? What kind of bike lanes (painted lines or a physical barrier separating vehicle traffic from bikes? Bike lanes on streets or a completely independent system of bike lanes? Any benefits to those using bike lanes rather than motor vehicles?
  2. What is at least one strategy you suggest the city uses to increase awareness of your proposed actions (2 points)?
  3. Where should the community actions take place? (ex: Health system? Community? School system? Private sector? NGOs? ) (1 point)
  4. Which actors need to be involved? (ex: Government / legislative leaders? Community leaders? Teachers? Community organizations? Others?) (1 point)

SECTION III. Linkages to Global Health

  1. Link your SDOH to at least two global health concepts that we have discussed in class so far to justify the importance and context of this local action on a global scale.
  2. Including at least one statistic to illustrate (feel free to use some of your ideas from PVE #5). (6 points – 2 points per GH concept, 2 points for statistic)

Final Answer



Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)




Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
Section I: Importance of “SDOH” and Affected Populations
Social determinants of health (SDOH) can broadly be described as complex circumstances that
people are born with and live with that has a direct impact on their health. They encompass intangible
factors, which include socio-economic, cultural, as well as political constructs. They also include
location-based conditions such as the system of education, access to healthcare, neighborhood design,
healthy food access, how clean the air, water, and food is, among others (ODPHP, 2020). The benefits of
addressing the social determinants of health cannot be overemphasized because of the impact that
approach has on the promotion of health and well-being of all. According to Health People 2020,
addressing the social determinants of health calls for the creation of a social and physical environment
that enhance good health for all (ODPHP, 2020). The WHO has emphasized similar calls. This has
pointed to the need of all governments to strive to close the gaps and provide equitable health by acting
on social determinants of health (WHO, n.d).
The SDOH that I focus on touches on functional disabilities and how they tremendously affect
movement for the physically challenged. The negative SDOH that I chose for the exercise was a photo of
a study area, which is a typical room filled with tables and chairs where individuals can sit, study, and
also use it as a discussion area. The main challenge comes to access and use of these spaces by people
with motor challenges. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 13.7
percent of adults have serious mobility challenges with great difficulty in walking or going up the stairs
(CDC, 2019). The community allows for the uniform realization of the highest level of health and is
linked to social determinants of health.
The needs of all individuals need to be factored in decision making. For example, when it comes
to a decision on how the built environment should be developed, the design and development need to
factor in the needs of the physically challenged. Addressing social determinants of health, such as the
need for ease in movement, is a critical step towards achieving health equity. Social determinants of



health have an influence on social engagement, the feeling of security, and the overall well-being of
individuals based on where they stay or spend much of their time. Community resources the boost
people's quality of life are considered to have a direct role in the health outcomes of the population. For
example, factors such as access to social amenities, health ...

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