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I will post an upload of the lab report all you need is in this paper a couple of questions that needs to be answered all the details are in the pdf if you have any question please ask me and all the details are in the paper with the graphs as its an online course there is no any video

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CHEM 151 Online Assignment 3 v1.0 | 1 151 Online Assignment 3 Your name: _____________________________ Your section: ____________________________ GRADE ____ /25 p This assignment is due before 11 pm on Friday April 17th, 2020. The deadline is absolute. Always check to be certain you have submitted the correct document to the correct location. A zero will automatically apply to a late or missing submission. You are being given more than sufficient time to complete this assignment, so please, no excuses. All work must be well written and very organized. Do not forget to title appropriately all graphs and correctly label all axes. OA 3 The Problem Assume you are a food chemist employed by a beverage company. One product under development is a single-serving (250 mL) highly enriched vitamin C (1000 mg) health/sports drink. Vitamin C is known to oxidize (degrade) upon exposure to oxygen in the air. Further, other constituents of the health/sports drink appear to vastly accelerate the oxidation of vitamin C by air. Prior work has demonstrated that injecting nitrogen gas during the filling process of the single-serving bottles displaces the “headspace” air and virtually eliminates the vitamin C oxidation. Since the single-serving bottles are gas-tight, and nitrogen is very inexpensive, bottles filled in this manner can have a long shelf-life at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, upon opening the sealed bottle, the vitamin C undergoes rapid oxidation. There are natural and synthetic antioxidants that can be added to retard the oxidation. One very promising antioxidant, 2-HBT, has many desirable characteristics, but is a bit expensive. It is proposed to manufacture the sports/heath drink with 1250 mg of vitamin C but label the product as offering 1000 mg to compensate for degradation between opening the bottle and consuming the product, a period of time which should be no more than 12 hours for the single serving. Thus, you are tasked with determining the minimal amount of 2-HBT needed to slow the oxidation process, such that the vitamin C content does not fall below 1000 mg for at least 12 hours with the bottle opened. Prior laboratory work has established a 𝜆𝑚𝑎𝑥 of 267 nm for vitamin C, and that an absorbance of 0.56 at 267 nm corresponds to 1000 mg/250 mL – which is the threshold the vitamin C level must not fall below for 12 hours. On the next page are six (6) composite spectra. Each composite spectrum features three superimposed absorbance vs. wavelength absorption curves recorded at three different time points for an opened drink (exposed to air): 0 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. The six composite spectra all started with 1250 mg of vitamin C per 250 mL (A = 0.70 at 267 nm), what differs is the amount (mg) of antioxidant (2-HBT) present in the 250 mL serving. OA 3 The Challenge Analyze the spectra and respond to the questions that follow in complete well written sentences. Be certain to use terms and concepts correctly. Remember, it is not the length of the response, but the quality that counts. Excessive length may work against you; including extraneous and/or incorrect material/statements can result in significant point deductions. CHEM 151 Online Assignment 3 v1.0 | 0.0 mg of 2-HBT/250 mL of drink 0.1 mg 2-HBT/250 mL of drink 0.2 mg of 2-HBT/250 mL of drink 0.3 mg 2-HBT/250 mL of drink 0.4 mg of 2-HBT/250 mL of drink 0.8 mg 2-HBT/250 mL of drink 2 CHEM 151 Online Assignment 3 v1.0 | Question 1. Based on the above data, what is the minimum 2-HBT concentration (mg/250 mL serving) required to ensure 1000 mg of vitamin C per 250 mL of opened drink (exposed to air) for 12 hours? In complete well composed sentences, clearly justify your reasoning. Question 2. Based upon the data, is it possible to formulate the drink with 2-HBT so that vitamin C is retained at 1250 mg/250 mL for 24 hours with the drink opened (exposed to air)? In complete well composed sentences, clearly justify your reasoning. Question 3. What does the peak at approximately 350 nm represent? 3 CHEM 151 Online Assignment 3 v1.0 | 4 Question 4. The current adult recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for vitamin C is 60 mg/day. Approximately how many hours would it take for an opened (exposed to air) drink with 0.2 mg of 2-HBT per 250 mL of drink to fall below 60 mg/250 mL of drink? Using EXCEL, plot the appropriate data. Include the equation of the linear trend-line and R2 value. Paste in the plot below. To receive credit, you must show all work in a legible, highly organized manner. (Answers that are illegible and/or lack organized supporting work will be scored a “zero.”) ...
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