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CE 445 – Professional Practice Quality Homework 1. Define “quality” as it relates to engineering work. 2. Select two of the seven ISO 9000 principles (customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, evidence-based decision making, improvement, and relationship management) and write a brief (two or three paragraphs) essay on how a company you have been employed by or an organization you have belonged to has tried to adhere to those principles (even if they didn’t identify them as such). Explain in what ways you believe they were successful in implementing the principles and in what ways you believe they could have done better. 3. Using the Example Concrete Specification from the Quality Controls page in the Course Materials module on Canvas, answer the following: a. What items are included in this document? b. What submittals are required? c. What quality assurance provisions are required for concreting during hot or cold weather? d. What quality assurance provision(s) is required for welders? e. What is the minimum thickness of a vapor retarder? f. What type of clear curing sealer hardener is permitted? g. Where should the vapor retarder be placed? h. Where should a broom finish be used? ...
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