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Research Paper You will write a research paper on one of the topics provided. The goal of the research paper is to answer a question and provide your own interpretation of a subject or situation. Your paper will be an argument; therefore, you will need to take a stand on the issue. Format Introduction: Provide a brief background or discussion of the problem you are researching, a brief history of the problem, the purpose of the research, and your thesis – the answer to your research question. This may require more than one paragraph. Body: Use the body to address the main ideas and categories that support your thesis, what you have discovered, and methods used. The evidence that you present will support your claim and can include graphs, charts, or experiments. Remember a major point may take two (2) or more paragraphs to address the information. Counter-Argument: This is an argument; consequently your research will uncover sources that are contrary to your stance. Choose the best place to acknowledge opposing arguments or claims based on the organization of your paper. Opposing arguments can be in the introduction, the paragraph immediately following the introduction, or in the paragraph that addresses a particular point. Rebuttal: Refute the opposition Conclusion: Restate your claim and provide completion, a sense of closure Additional Information Use first person sparingly and do not use second person (you, your, yours). You will need a “Works Cited” page. Use academic language. Do not use contractions. Use parenthetical citations.

the resources i use please no plagiarism and attach plagiarism report

this are the three resources you will use please stick to the resources and if you need additional information please come back to me

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