ENG1102 Personal Narrative Thesis


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With 1150-1250 words, MLA format.Please research and write a thesis that connects with one of the objectives below and include a few references (if you have some by the due date above). I want to make sure that we're all on the right track as we proceed to actually writing the full paper. Remember, if your thesis is not strong nor organized, it is likely that your paper will be the same way. Please place any additional questions regarding the essay below. HAVE FUN !!!


Writing Options

1. ... Research and find a short story, poem, or play that you feel closely relates to your life or personality and write a paper about why.


2. ... Research and discover a short story, poem, or play (short or full--your choice) that reflects a stance on something that you strongly agree or disagree with and explain why.

ENG1102 Personal Narrative Thesis
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