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  • Reflect upon sustainability from the perception of the CIO. Explain why sustainability should be an important concept for every CIO to embrace and support within the IT organization.


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Across many industries including the it industry CIO is the default choice to lead the corporate sustainability initiatives . With a recovering economy, budget cuts,rising enregy costs  it is quite evident that efficent functioning is required and cost has to be kept minimum .  A CIO should be in tune with every deparment in his company and should try to understand and try to make business process of the organazation more optimized . He or she should decided whether the current technology implemented is good or bad or can be made more productive . if right choices are made it would result in a significant cost savings to the corporation . 

Sustainability of a company may vary depending on the choices made . use of less power hungry servers and better optimization of space can do wonders . using of netbooks or simple laptops instead of desktops could also reduce power consumption . better video conferencing technology would reduce need for long distance travels . overall CIO is the key to sustainability of a company .  

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