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Please list 4 different methods that can be used for industrial ventilation system balancing What are the advantages and limitation for using blast gate or damper to regulate air flow in ventilation system? Please define the governing SP in balanced design: If two branches are designed to enter a main exhaust duct, the branch A with a slot hood will require a total SP of - 5 "wg and 6.5 scfm, while the branch B with bellmouth entry hood requires to have a total SP of - 4.5 "wg and 5 scfm. Please determine: 1) which branch will serve as the governing duct and why? 2) Determine if you are able to calculate Qcorr; 3) Calculate Qcorr for the non-governing duct. A ventilation system with two branches: the branch A requires to have VP of 5 "w.g. and Q of 4.8 scfm, and the branch B needs to have VP of 4.2 "w.g. and Q of 4.5 scfm. Please determine the resultant velocity pressure and flow rate at the junction (combined branches). Assume STP. The circumference of a round duct is about 37.5 inches. The average velocity pressure (VP) of air flowing in the duct is 0.30 inch w.g. at standard conditions (STP). Please calculate: 1) Duct diameter; 2) Average duct velocity, 3) Air flowrate Q. ...
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