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Assume you have saved $30,000 over the last several years.

1. Select three companies listed on either the New York Stock Exchange, or NASDAQ in which you would like to invest your money. You may invest up to $12,000 but not less than $5,000 in any one company.

2. Pretend to buy your common stocks based on the opening prices of April 27.

3. Be prepared to discuss your stock prices during Zoom sessions of this assignment period.

4. ‘Sell’ your stocks based on May 8thclosing prices.

5. For each company, include the following information in your assignment:

A) Write a one paragraph summary of your research for each company (minimum 100 words per company). Briefly describe each company, their products and customers, and explain your reasons for selecting them. Include the applicable research references at the end of each company’s summary. A separate reference is required for each company.

B) Include the full name of your three companies, the exchange the companies are listed on, their abbreviation, the name of the resource used for your stock ‘purchase’ and ‘sale’ reporting (e.g.,,…) State last year’s Total Revenue and Net Income of each company.

C) Purchase price per share, number of shares of each company purchased (no fractional shares), total amount invested in each company, and total invested in all three companies combined. (Not more than $12,000 or less than $5,000 in any one company.) You must be within $100 of the $30,000 you have to invest. Show all calculations and use dollars and cents for all amounts.

D) Profit or loss per share for each company, total profit or loss for each company, and total profit or loss for all three companies combined. Show calculations.

E) The highest and lowest closing prices of each company’s stock during the holding period, including the corresponding two dates of the highest/lowest closing prices of each stock during the holding period. The 52-week high stock price and 52-week low stock price for each company.

F) Do the stocks pay dividend? If so, indicate how much per share and how often. If a stock does not pay dividend, state that.

6. For each company, label each part (A through F) separately as outlined in step 5.

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